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North Korea Students Arrested for Reading the Bible

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    North Korean Students Arrested for Reading the Bible - Free North Korea Broadcasting Ten college students in Ham Kyung Book Do Chung, North Korea, were
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2008
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      North Korean Students Arrested for Reading the Bible
      - Free North Korea Broadcasting

      Ten college students in Ham Kyung Book Do Chung,
      North Korea, were recently investigated and arrested
      for reading a Bible and watching a video CD about
      the Bible. According to Free North Korea Broadcasting,
      Mr. Jung, former vice president of GumRung Company of
      the Rodong Dang Labor Organization Department,
      reported the case and has since escaped to China to
      avoid arrest by the National Security Agency (Bowiboo).
      "In March 2006, 200 Life Bibles and several hundred CDs
      were purchased in China and secretly placed in flour
      bags before being smuggled into North Korea. This huge
      Bible smuggling case was headed by GumRung Company
      employees who were influenced by Christianity in China
      and underground Christians in Nasun City. All the
      leaders have been arrested and are being severely
      tortured. If I am caught, I will be sent to a prison
      camp for political criminals. I didn't want to die in
      prison camp, so I escaped," Mr. Jung said. In the Free
      North Korea Broadcasting report, Mr. Jung added that
      most of the arrested students attended Chung Jin College.
      "These students shared the Bible and video CD with their
      friends. They also distributed the Bibles and video CDs
      to the other college towns," he said. Pray God encourages
      and protects believers in North Korea. Ask God to give
      them courage and for them to love their persecutors.
      Psalm 107:2

      In Christ,
      Joseph Yosuk Lee
      Church Member
      Sarang Community Church at Seoul, South Korea

      Prayer Requests:

      1. Please pray for my mother, father, and younger brother
      Richard that they will worship our Jesus as their Savior and

      2. Please also pray that they will also realize both money
      invested and time invested building relationships with
      people for God's glory is eternal.

      3. Please pray that my father will not have any serious heart
      problems after he had his heart attack on September 1, 2001.

      4. Please pray for my success at Samsung by publishing
      more papers and patents. Please pray for my health by losing
      more weight and by exercising 4 times per week.

      5. Please pray that I will tame my foolish tongue in terms of
      arguing with my father, mother, and younger brother related to
      the Bible, church, God, finances, and other issues of pride.

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