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2007 was not happy year for me.

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  • josephylee@aol.com
    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Thank you for your prayers. Without them, I would not make it this far. However, 2007 was not happy year for me. 1.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2008
      Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

      Thank you for your prayers. Without them, I would not make it
      this far.

      However, 2007 was not happy year for me.

      1. December of last year, Berkeley lost to Stanford in the Big
      Game in football. Also, Berkeley lost to USC and UCLA as
      well. So sad...

      2. South Korea lost the bid to host the Winter Olympics in

      3. I am still unmarried. I do not have a girlfriend.

      4. My vacation in the United States with my non-Christian
      family gave me more stress compared to work at Samsung. I
      am praying whether or not I should see my non-Christian
      parents next New Year and Christmas.

      5. My PLD (Pulse Laser Deposition) project at work was
      terminated even though I thought it was a major mistake at

      6. I have not lost much weight. I do not have enough time to

      7. I am drinking way too much coffee.

      8. A brother in Christ at church used me and took advantage of
      me in terms of our friendship even though I have tried to teach him
      on how to repair computers. After I have helped him, he told me
      that I was a fool to help him.

      9. I have been getting many mean e-mails. 4 brothers in Christ
      told me that I was arrogant and that I have a pride issue.

      10. I have not mastered Korean within 3 years.

      In conclusion, 2007 was really a bad year for me. Please pray for

      If you can pray for me, then I will be so happy. Please pray that
      I will publish a number of papers and patents. Please pray that I
      will somehow survive this new year in 2008.

      In Christ,
      Joseph Yosuk Lee
      이요석 (요셉)
      Church Member
      Sarang Community Church at Seoul, South Korea

      Prayer Requests:

      1. Please pray for my mother, father, and younger brother
      Richard that they will worship our Jesus as their Savior and

      저의 부모님과 남동생 리차드가 예수님을 그들의 구원자로
      인정하고 찬양할 수 있도록.

      2. Please also pray that they will also realize both money
      invested and time invested building relationships with
      people for God's glory is eternal.

      영원한 하나님의 영광을 위하여 사람들과의 관계를
      세워나가는데 그들의 물질과 시간을 투자할 수 있도록.

      3. Please pray that my father will not have any serious heart
      problems after he had his heart attack on September 1, 2001.

      2001년 9월 1일에 심장마비 증상을 보이셨는데, 이후 더
      이상의 심각한 문제가 발생하지 않도록.

      4. Please pray for my success at Samsung by publishing
      more papers and patents. Please pray for my health by losing
      more weight and by exercising 4 times per week.

      지금 다니는 회사(삼성)에서 더많은 보고서와 특허를
      획득함으로 성공할 수 있도록 도우시고, 일주일에 4번씩
      운동을 함으로써 몸무게를 감량해 건강을 찾을 수 있도록.

      5. Please pray that I will tame my foolish tongue in terms of
      arguing with my father, mother, and younger brother related to
      the Bible, church, God, finances, and other issues of pride.

      믿지 않는 내 가족들에게 성경, 교회, 하나님, 재정,
      자존심과 관계된 모든 문제들을 놓고 논쟁할 때 어리석은
      내 입술을 주장하여 주시길.

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