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missions to Japan - Oct. 2006

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  • josephylee@aol.com
    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, It has been a year and 8 months when I started to work for Samsung Electro-Mechanics in South Korea. I wanted to thank you
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
      Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

      It has been a year and 8 months when I started to
      work for Samsung Electro-Mechanics in South Korea.
      I wanted to thank you for your prayers. I would
      never have reached this far without your support.

      If you have not watched any TV or read what's
      going on the internet, North Korea was extremely
      unstable. Right now, they were developing their
      ballistic missile program armed with nuclear
      explosives capable of killing thousands of
      innocent lives. Already, North Korea possessed
      such weapons of mass destruction to reach Japan.

      It has been my goals to do missions in North Korea.
      For now, since I am not ready yet, I am planning
      to do missions in Japan from October 3rd to October
      8th. So, why Japan? Japan is 0.25% Christians, and
      almost nobody in Japan know Jesus as their personal
      Lord and Savior. I have to go to Japan. I want to
      go to Japan, and I am called to do missions to
      Japan for at least one week. So, why me? Why can
      God use me to do missions in Japan? Why not someone
      else? Well, if you have not heard, Japan has the
      highest suicide rate in the world. Suicide is
      culturally an honor in Japan especially during the
      2nd World War. I want to share my testimony on how
      I became a Christian to win other Japanese, who are
      thinking about suicide. Japanese culture is somewhat
      identical to Korean culture. However, Korea may differ
      from Japan by acknowledging suicide as a sense of
      failure and disgrace. Despite this difference, South
      Korea does possess a high suicide rate as well. I
      believe that I can relate to the people in Japan
      with my testimony.

      I already translated my testimony from English to
      Japanese. This testimony will be used as a vehicle
      to reach the lost in Japan. I will be passing out
      my testimony on how I became a Christian in the
      streets of Japan especially in Tokyo University,
      the Harvard University of Japan.

      Will you join me in prayer?

      1) Please pray that the people in Japan will know
      Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Please pray
      for the members of KCCC that they will share their 4
      Spiritual Laws effectively.

      2) Please pray for the missions team from KCCC that
      we will be united in one spirit and in one body.
      Please pray that we will be willing to die for what
      we believe. However, please pray that Japan will not
      go to war with North Korea over North Korea's weapons
      of mass destruction program.

      3) Please pray that language barrier will not be a
      difficult problem for our team members. Please pray
      that our Japanese can improve within a few months if
      possible. If we cannot learn Japanese quickly, please
      pray that we can communicate in English fluently.

      4) Also, please pray for the people of Japan will
      ignore Benny Hinn. He will be coming to Japan preaching
      his false doctrines and teachings. Also, Benny Hinn is
      a con artist.

      5) Last, please pray for the church that they will
      be mission-minded to reach the lost all over the world
      especially in Japan.

      Last, the cost of the trip is around $700 for me. I am
      confident that I do not need any financial support from
      anyone at church or at work. In fact, I may need to support
      my missions team leader. On the other hand, not all of my
      teammates work at Samsung, LG, or Hyundai-Kia. My team
      needs your financial support. If you can help, please
      talk to my missions team leader on how you can safely
      donate to Korea Campus Crusade for Christ Ministry in
      South Korea or in the United States.

      Joseph Hyun Namgoong’s e-mail address is kccc@....
      Please notify him so that he can make some tax purposes

      The Japanese translated testimony is on my website at =>


      Thank you again for your prayers,
      Joseph Y. Lee

      Church Member
      Sarang Community Church at Seoul, South Korea
      Cerritos Presbyterian Church at Artesia, California
      Korean Central Presbyterian Church at San Francisco, California

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