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Bringing the House Down - Spoken Word Festival

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  • István Molnár
    Hej, jag vidarebefordrar ett mail från Nii Parkes. I fall någon av er vill ta hit en spoken word-show... Hälsningar István www.estradpoesi.com - - - - - -
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2005

      jag vidarebefordrar ett mail från Nii Parkes.
      I fall någon av er vill ta hit en spoken word-show...


      - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


      My name is Nii Ayikwei Parkes. I am a Spoken Word Artist and the
      Artistic Director for a new touring spoken word festival called
      Bringing the House Down and I'm writing to find out if you have any
      interest in having it on at your venue.

      The festival is an evolution of a show of the same name that I
      developed for the National Theatre of England for performance at the
      Albany Theatre in Deptford in 2003. After two consecutive sell-out
      years at the venue in 2003 and 2004 and requests from other venues
      to stage the event, London Slam Central (the literary consultancy I
      run) has worked to devise the Bringing the House Down Festival - a
      touring spoken word festival.

      Since I'm bringing a lot of acts from the US, I am writing to see if
      you would be interested in having a selected number of the poets to
      come and do a show at your spot while they are in Europe. I have put
      the full list of available poets below and you can choose between 2-
      5 of them to come to your venue anytime from October 10 - October
      17. The costs will be just the cost of their flights (from the UK)
      and accommodation plus whatever you can afford to pay them after
      that (please let us know since we need to plan with it - even if you
      can only afford the flights and accommodation we can consider it as
      long as we don't lose money). The festival in the UK runs from
      September 30 until October 9 and is also available on October 2, 3
      and 4. A few of the artists are also available on September 27 and
      28 so there are a few options.

      I would be glad if you could let me know as soon as possible if you
      are interested.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Nii Parkes
      Writer, Spoken Word Artist and Co-Founder of LSC
      www.x-bout.com (London Slam Central)


      Headline Act:

      Da Boogieman – Former hip-hop artist, 1997 US National Slam Champion
      and only poet to ever win the famous Apollo Theatre Amateur night 4
      consecutive weeks. Has recorded with Krs-One, De La Soul, and Rakim
      and has a record deal with Lionel Richie’s record label. (confirmed)

      Major Acts

      Olu “Butterfly” Woods – Versatile spoken word artist from Baltimore,
      Maryland who tours as a member of the successful jazz-soul band
      Fertile Ground. (US)

      Mahogany Browne – Featured on original BTHD. Voice of Hennessey
      radio commercial and successful spoken word artist. (US)

      Crisis – UK poet with trademark chant style. Former Farrago UK Slam

      Nii Ayikwei Parkes – UK-based poet with ample international
      experience. Former Poet-In-Residence at the Poetry Café, Farrago UK
      Slam Champion and originator of Bringing the House Down

      Ainsley Burrows – Featured on original BTHD. Internationally
      acclaimed Jamaican spoken word artist with two books and 3 CDs to
      his name. He has just completed a novel. (US)

      Jive Poetic – Highly innovative spoken word artist recognised
      internationally for his wordplay. Favourite of UK audiences. Also
      featured on original BTHD. (US)

      Zawe Ashton – young rising star from London
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