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85anyone need a roomie at Nats?

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  • Angus Adair
    Aug 3 4:09 PM
      howdy y'all.
      got bounced off the list for a bit there by failing to check my email
      regularly enough.who knew?
      I'm back now and will be seeing many of you in a little over a week.
      one small snag tho'
      an organizational snafu has left me without a room.the person who was
      supposed to be handling that wound up getting the team only one room not the
      two required.and of course by that point there was no room left at the inn
      so I am left to try and find myself a room where none are.
      but I like a challenge;+)as nerve wracking as it is.
      so here it is.I've got 250$ to kick toward hotel costs to the first smily
      happy people that will take me in for the duration.
      simple as that.
      I pray I've accumulated enough lodging karma housing many of you when you
      visited Vancouver to earn the right to ask.
      even so-please understand I wouldn't ask if I didn't feel my back squarely
      against the wall on this.
      I don't like to impose but I hope you understand my predicament and help me
      much love
      ms spelt

      "First of all-I am Tired but I am True of Heart.Also,You are Tired but True
      of Heart"
      Dave Eggers-A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius

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