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JAMAICA KINCAID in Philadelphia

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  • murphywriting
    Jamaica Kincaid, author of See Now Then Lyrical, sardonic, and forthright, Antigua native Jamaica Kincaid s novels display a poet s understanding of how
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      Jamaica Kincaid, author of "See Now Then"

      Lyrical, sardonic, and forthright, Antigua native Jamaica Kincaid's novels display "a poet's understanding of how politics and history, private and public events, overlap and blur" (New York Times), as well as examine the powerful ties and inherent loss in the mother-child relationship.

      Tuesday, February 26 @ 7:30 PM
      Free Library of Philadelphia
      1901 Vine Street
      Montgomery Auditorium
      Philadelphia, PA

      Contact: Phone: (215) 567-4341
      Website: www.freelibrary.org/authorevents
      E-Mail: authorevents@...

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