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THE ROSE CITY PROJECT at Playwrights Theatre

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  • Peter Murphy
    THE ROSE CITY PROJECT at Playwrights TheatreThe New Jersey Literary Showcase December 4 - 7, 2003 A series of readings of new works by New Jersey State
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      THE ROSE CITY PROJECT at Playwrights Theatre

      The New Jersey Literary Showcase December 4 - 7, 2003
      A series of readings of new works by New Jersey State Council on the Arts
      Fellowship recipients.

      Playwrights Theatre
      Green Village Road
      Madison, NJ

      Call (973) 514-1787, ext. 36 or www.ptnj.org <http://www.ptnj.org> for
      information and reservations.

      The first event is a series of readings of new plays. Admission is free,
      suggested donation $10 at the door.

      Thursday, December 4 8 pm
      Last Kiss by Dominique Cieri
      In the summer of 1967 when no young working class man could feel safe and =

      secure, unless he could find a way to evade the draft, the final offensive=
      Vietnam leaves a small river town in the Midwest without its young men. Tw=
      women and their daughters struggle to survive the loss of their men and th=
      loss of innocence.

      Friday, December 5 8 pm
      Let Your Women Keep Silence by Margaret Ann O'Connell
      Let Your Women Keep Silence is about the final struggles of the
      seventeenth-century Mexican nun Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, one of the
      three great poets of the Golden Age of Spanish poetry. In her struggles--=
      write and eventually to speak truth to power--Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
      managed to make a case for widening and enriching the lives of women in
      her Response to Sor Filotea, the first defense, certainly in the New World=
      , of a
      woman's right to be all that a human being can be.

      Saturday, December 6 3pm
      Pride by Dania Ramos
      It is the weekend of the 2000 Puerto Rican Day Parade. Some people
      believe they know what pride is while others struggle to find a true defin=
      After a life-altering incident, one person finally understands what it mea=
      ns to
      have real pride.

      Saturday, December 6 8pm
      Greater Than Magellan by Alex Ladd
      An evening of short train plays.
      In Greater than Magellan, a young Portuguese waiter passes the time away
      memorizing train schedules and fantasizing about exotic locations.

      In The Negro Writer, an American novelist travels through Russia by train =
      the fateful days before the Russian revolution.
      In The Next Stop , we meet a Civil War train conductor speeding forward
      through time and are propelled into the future in a high speed train zoomi=
      under the Pacific and finally thrust into outer space itself. The convers=
      turns increasingly bizarre and we get an eerie glimpse into life in the =
      with the conductor as our guide.

      Sunday, December 7 3pm
      One Legged Race by Benjamin Marshall
      A petty criminal holds up in his brother's apartment, waiting for that one=
      that will give him enough cash to go straight and make him the man that he=

      struggles to be. When his emissary arrives, he must decide whether to give=

      her what she wants, even if it kills her.
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