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Re: [poetry_speaks] The Game of River Boat Gambler and Fan Dancer

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  • Linda Walker
    I like that..... You are all so wonderful.... sometimes you make me smile and other times you make me cry....and both are a complete joy to experience.
    Message 1 of 11 , Aug 2, 2007

      I like that.....
      You are all so wonderful....<sigh>sometimes you make me smile and other times you make me cry....and both are a complete joy to experience. Thank you.....
      With a Smile, Linda-Reducer
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      Date: 8/2/2007 10:12:27 AM
      Subject: [poetry_speaks] The Game of River Boat Gambler and Fan Dancer

      The Game of River Boat Gambler
      and Fan Dancer

      She’s a fancy fan dancer
      Except she’s not naked
      And I’m just a gambler
      Not the top hand on the River

      I’ve worked all the riverboats
      From here to Tacoma
      And I have never seen anything like her

      She thinks she is covering it all up
      I guess she doesn’t know I can smell her
      I know when she’s happy and sad
      Angry and glad
      And even though her dance
      Will never reveal just how she feels
      Its all there to an experienced card shark
      Make that card dolphin

      It would be so much nicer
      If she wasn’t always tiring to be so nice
      I’ve been around and I know how things can get

      I figure the odds are that she will see
      That I’m not just another hand
      If I hang around long enough
      And maybe we could get off at the next town
      I hear they have ice cream in Cincinnati . . .

      Quixotic as ever

      William C. Burns, Jr.
      Millennium Artist
      matrix437@yahoo. com

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    • Ed Wolverton
      Hi Griselda.....thank you............Ed. Griselda Garcia Cuerva wrote: A very good one, Ed. Regards. Griselda ... ¡Sé un
      Message 2 of 11 , Aug 3, 2007
        Hi Griselda.....thank you............Ed.

        Griselda Garcia Cuerva <mg_cuerva@...> wrote:
        A very good one, Ed.

        ¡Sé un mejor asador!
        Aprendé todo sobre asados.
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        From: Ed Wolverton <ewolvertonart@...>
        Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 09:32:09 -0700 (PDT)
        Subject: [poetry_speaks] Praise Be Well

        Praise Be Well
        by Edward Wolverton@2007
        We really praise ourselves
        into the front page of history.
        The goals we place upon ourselves
        into being who we are.
        Praise be well
        the sight of thee,
        for we are the names
        and the memories
        of destiny.
        It is our choice
        to be given-
        what words we speak,
        and why those words
        are so important to us,
        as life is laid down before us
        that we grab at first choice-
        being who we are,
        praise be well
        this memory of me.
        I can see you
        for who you really are-
        by the words you so
        choose to speak,
        and I am glad we all
        share in this unique way
        of expressing ourselves,
        for the weak of mind-
        giving them a voice of power.
        I grasp at the straws of life-
        no remorse,
        but endorse my name
        into the catalog of speakers,
        announcing my arrival upon the earth
        at my given time,
        and my given place,
        praise be well-
        my voice has reason.

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