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Send a book - Get a book: Last c hance to join in the Great Poetr y Exchange!

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  • Poetry Super Highway
    Poetry Super Highway 10th Annual Great Poetry Exchange . Last Chance to join - Deadline TONIGHT at midnight! (pacific) The 11th Annual Poetry Super Highway
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2012
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      Poetry Super Highway 10th Annual Great Poetry Exchange
      Poetry Super Highway

      Last Chance to join - Deadline TONIGHT at midnight! (pacific)

      The 11th Annual Poetry Super Highway
      Great Poetry Exchange

      The mission of the Poetry Super Highway
      is to expose as many people to as many
      other people's poetry as possible.

      What? - Send a book - Get a book
      In February 2012, the Poetry Super Highway will coordinate a great free exchange of poetry publications amongst poets worldwide.

      It's not a contest. There are no judges, entry fees, winners, or losers.

      Last year, 91 poets participated both sending their book and receiving another poet's book from a randomly selected other participant

      By agreeing to participate, someone will be exposed to your poetry, and you will be exposed to someone else's poetry.

      To participate you must volunteer to mail one copy of one poetry book that you have written to one other person participating. Just one book. In exchange, you will receive in the mail one copy of one poetry book written by another participating poet.

      E-books are not eligible for the Great Poetry Exchange. Your book must be physical entity. Even if it's self published, or one of one that you printed from your computer and stapled together...but please no e-books.
      (Though we will be repeating our annual Great E-Book Free For All later in the year!)

      To Join In:

      Go to http://PoetrySuperHighway.com/pshgpe.html. Make sure you've read all the guidelines and click on "ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM" to enter your book's information

      In early March, we will randomly assign the books to each participant and email to you the name and address of the person you are supposed to send your book to.

      We will also list your book and description on
      this web page along with the link to your website for all to see. In addition we will list the new books in our weekly e-mailed update which goes out to thousands of people.

      What else?

      Please note, as the Great Poetry Exchange is open to everyone on planet Earth, it's possible that you will be required to send your book to someone outside of your own country which will, of course cost you more in postage than it would to send it domestically.

      Also, we'll ask that you
      send us an e-mail in March once your book has actually been sent so we can keep track and make sure that all participants who send a book also get one.

      You also must agree to send out your book within 2 weeks of being notified of who to send your book to.

      Please note, it's a circular exchange:
      You will be sending a book to a different person than you will be receiving one from.

      Get all the details at http://PoetrySuperHighway.com/

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