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Often Problems

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  • Bill Pearce
    ANIMAL S GREETINGS Hello my friends How have ya been? We re doing OK. Life has tossed us a few surprises, but we can handle them. Are you ready for
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2011

      Hello my friends

      How have ya been? We're doing OK. Life has tossed
      us a few surprises, but we can handle them. Are you
      ready for Christmas? It's sneaking up on us real fast.
      I have my Santa suit ready hehehe HoHoHo. I bought
      Judy a Mrs. Claus dress, but not sure if she'll like it or
      not. We'll soon see. It arrives Tuesday. Today is her
      birthday. Her and I are going to celebrate our birthday
      together being mine was a literal bomb due to a few
      unforeseen issues that happened. So we're going out
      to buy us a small cake and shop a bit then going to get
      us some take out dinners. Then we're going to get
      ice cream from Burger King hehehe. Don't that sound
      exciting!? Not sure when we'll do that though, but it
      will happen. Yeppers we be exciting people huh hehe!
      We just a few moments ago went and harvested our
      crops on Farmtown and replanted LOL. Don't that
      sound like fun hehe!? Ok, so we're not that exciting.
      We just fixed ourselves some oatmeal to eat while I
      write this confounded article LOL. I'm waiting on
      mine to cool a bit before eating. I've still got a few
      burns on my lips from last time eating before letting
      it cool hehehe. The weather up this ways is rather
      nice. It's beautiful outside right now, although it's
      a tad cold. It's 54F degrees right now and it might
      get down to 37F tonight. It was in the lower 20's
      last night. Brrrr is right. Well, as I said, Judy
      and I are enjoying the day together just relaxing.
      I've gotta get our car down to Wayne's Auto soon
      so to get our windshield replaced. It's got a crack
      right down the middle of it. Doesn't all this sound
      so wonderful LOL! Well, Judy just went to take
      a shower, so I'm gonna try and finish this article
      so we can start WAHOOING her birthday hehehe.
      We might go outside for a stroll and take a few
      pictures if we're up to it being it is a beautiful day.
      God has been good to us. We have our share of
      dilemmas that present themselves time to time, but
      God is here with us to help us through them. Most
      of our problems stem from our own desires that
      lead us in wrong directions. Often problems though
      will present themselves through bumpy roads that
      we're not prepared. Let God help you with your
      bumpy roads and self will run wild. Blessings will
      most surely come true. Maybe not what you would
      have wanted, but surely what God saw you were
      in need of. Let the seasons show you new blessings
      through the shadows of then. Let yourself blossom
      into His Creation and not just what you want to be.
      Now with that said, I reckon it's time for me to be
      heading back through all that I've written here to
      see if I can find a good word or phrase that I can
      use for the title for today's brand new poem. So,
      it's away I go to that place of my recollection that
      I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I might
      have stumbled upon a good title just a bit back,
      so let's see what I can do with it. Here goes....

      Often Problems

      When our struggles
      seem to find
      places there
      within our mind,
      we might also
      be found stood
      doing what that
      isn't good.
      Often problems
      come and go
      from some places
      we don't know.
      Found as shadows
      dark as night
      while displaying
      every sight.
      Often problems
      that we see
      come from our own
      So those problems
      that find you
      need a little
      Jesus Hue.
      Let Him guide you
      step by step
      through the minutes
      so inept.
      Seek His guidance
      as you go
      through what all
      the problems show.
      Often problems
      then will fade
      as with Jesus
      peace is made.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Nov 6, 2011

      I hope you enjoyed my rambling and maybe even the
      poem hehehe. Judy and I are enjoying this beautiful
      sunny day. Being broke doesn't give us much to be
      able to do, but we have each other. Yes, we have our
      share of bad days, but forgiveness is the key. Not
      letting a few bad days affect the rest of your life by
      allowing it to make you do what you might regret.
      God gives us forgiveness through His Son. We should
      always try to learn from that. I know hehehehehehe,
      don't be stupid and let the same things happen agin
      and agin just forgiving. Learn from those mistakes.
      LOL, Ok, before I begin rambling AGAIN, I need
      to be telling ya what I tell ya every week and that is
      I wrote some more poems and haiku. Yeppers 10
      more poems with 3 of them Christmassy/wintery.
      Also I once again wrote 22 more haiku for all of
      my haiku lovers out there. I hope you enjoy a few
      of them. Well I guess it's about time for me to be
      searching for that old off switch, but not before
      I wish you a most wonderful and God filled week.
      Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too. Now
      to find that freaking off switch. Found it swimming
      in my runny oatmeal LOL doing the back stroke.
      Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

      God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

      Nw on with the poems and haiku.
      10 and 22 heheheheheheehehehe :)

      Deepest Thoughts

      While thinking thoughts
      my thoughts arrive
      at the reasons
      I'm alive.
      Deepest thoughts
      that thinking viewed
      brings me thoughts,
      some misconstrued.
      While I'm thinking
      thoughts of time
      I find stages
      dime to dime.
      Financial thinking
      thoughts displayed
      thought out while thinking
      mistakes I've made.
      Thinking is ventured
      through every thought
      what that my thinking
      then should have not.
      Often my thinking
      brings me a view
      of many thoughts
      of then thereunto.
      Scenes full of thinking
      thought out so clear
      brought me the good times
      from yesteryear.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Nov 3, 2011

      Many Portholes

      Through a porthole
      comes a glance
      found as minutes
      we enhance.
      Through a porthole
      many see
      what is just
      their history.
      Many portholes
      we look through
      are just minutes
      Seen as portholes
      are some days
      with some minutes
      wondrous ways.
      Given chances
      portholes show
      where to come
      and where to go.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Nov 3, 2011

      Help Me Jesus

      Troubles come,
      some unprepared
      with some seeming
      needing shared.
      Yet some troubles
      that I see
      are just meant for
      only me.
      Troubles shout
      and sometimes not
      all their scenes
      a little, lot.
      Sometimes troubles
      that I find
      wear really heavy
      on my mind.
      Looking at
      the troubled views
      I will sometimes
      just confuse.
      Standing quietly
      in my gaze
      I see troubles
      future days.
      Now I stand here
      wishing for
      some good to see.
      Sights and sounds
      I can record
      in my prayers
      unto my Lord.
      Jesus help me
      find some peace
      that is found
      when troubles cease.
      Help me Jesus
      now I pray
      so to find
      a peaceful day.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Nov 4, 2011

      Journeys Ways

      Wakened Journeys
      make their stride
      sometimes outwards,
      some inside.
      Marked as thresholds
      sometimes seems
      often nightmares,
      often dreams.
      Lessons driven
      from the ages
      might sometimes
      be different stages.
      Wakened journeys
      we've recorded
      might be what
      seems sort of sordid.
      Yes the truth
      in journeys ways
      might be sordid
      as a phase.
      Yet some lessons
      might reside
      through the journeys
      daily stride.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Nov 4, 2011

      Scenic Hue

      Weather changes
      display signs
      of the moments
      Weathers bringing
      things to see
      sights and sounds
      to some degree.
      Winters weather
      brings in place
      painted pictures
      trace by trace.
      Scents of Christmas
      also show
      scenes around me
      white as snow.
      Maybe now
      just in my mind,
      but those scenes
      I'll surely find
      as sweet Christmas
      painted true
      in this winters
      scenic hue.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Nov 4, 2011

      Seasons Shadows

      Seasons shadows
      bring their view
      in the days of
      me and you.
      Painting pictures
      in the skies
      for the visions
      in our eyes.
      Seasons transfer
      dreams within
      as the mornings
      do begin.
      Playing music
      we can hear
      just like sounds of
      Seasons bring us
      oceans finds
      that are endless
      in our minds.
      Now the seasons
      that transpire
      bring us journeys
      dreamers fires.
      Placing heartbeats
      in our views
      for our constant
      dreamers shoes.
      Even clouds blow
      while designing
      all the seasons
      they're reminding.
      Truthful paintings
      in the seasons
      give us hopeful
      with God's reasons.
      Seasons shadows
      sing of praise
      in the moments
      coming days.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Nov 5, 2011

      Sometimes A Fairytale

      A fairytale minute
      in dreamers prelude
      brings in a moment
      that may not conclude.
      Some see a fairytale
      as being real,
      but all they're seeing
      is time sex appeal.
      A fairytale second
      in minutes of time
      might in a way just
      fill up your mind.
      Sometimes a fairytale
      can become true
      if it's a blessing
      given to you.
      Seeing that fairytale
      as its true glance
      might make it be
      a truthful romance.
      A blessing from God
      that seems as surreal
      a fairytale moment
      might then reveal.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Nov 5, 2011

      Merry Christmas

      Christmas thinking
      comes so clear
      in this wintry
      time of year.
      Seasons greetings
      many say
      as they venture
      Christmas Day
      This times season
      comes to be
      as a blessing
      many see.
      Yet so often
      is just sadness
      in design.
      Within memories
      many show
      they've forgotten
      Christmas snow
      and the blessings
      God's displayed
      when through Jesus
      they portrayed.
      Seasons greetings
      should be heard
      Merry Christmas
      word for word.
      Not just thinking
      you and I,
      but the blessings
      God on high.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Nov 5, 2011

      Let Not Your Dreams

      Found as a dream
      a sight may confirm
      that what you've seen
      is minutes you yearn.
      So often dreams
      are hidden nightmares
      filled with our wants
      for daily affairs.
      Let now your dreams
      be not so misplaced
      as you inquire
      how it might be faced
      Sometimes our dreams
      are given at glance
      from our Lord God
      as blessings advance.
      It's often dreams
      that we misconstrue
      when we see wrong
      what is false or true.
      Often our dreams
      are just merely time
      painted in pictures
      of wanted design.
      Let not your dreams
      to lead you astray
      as you encounter
      the truth day to day.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Nov 5, 2011

      When Voids Come

      Found in a void
      might be misplaced
      timeless encounters
      timeless has traced.
      Pictures concluding
      inside our minds
      might be the void
      of our daily finds.
      Found as illusion
      many might see
      sights of conclusions
      we don't agree.
      It might be wrong
      the void that you've found,
      for it might be
      just time going round.
      Written illusions
      inside our head
      might be conclusions
      seen also said.
      Don't let the voids
      in confusions of space
      lead you directions
      that take you from Grace.
      Sometimes what's seen
      is just but a sight
      sometimes transparent
      of its wrong and right.
      Let Jesus help you
      as voids come your way
      and He'll enlighten
      your fullest display.
      Seen then as blessings
      when voids come to be
      they will be wonders
      as peace given free.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Nov 5, 2011

      Nov 5, 2011

      Life is a journey
      with a few rocks in the road
      that make us stronger.

      Looking for flowers
      might bring about a few thorns
      while you are looking.

      When watching the clouds
      you might see a few pictures
      that you recognize.

      Visions of Christmas
      are sometimes a few snowflakes
      falling from the skies.

      Tomorrows dreamers
      are the fuel from yesterdays
      blossomed in today.

      Sometimes the answers
      present themselves as problems,
      but they are needed.

      Placing a bookmark
      on all of our aches and pains
      will just bring you down.

      Leaves on the trees fall
      as the weather turns colder
      bringing forth snowflakes.

      Right now might seem sad,
      but it will pass with minutes
      as seconds move on.

      Deep in confusion
      is sometimes enlightenment
      when you ask questions.

      Our earth goes around
      as it brings us the seasons
      springtime to winter.

      Onlooking people
      will sometimes just stand and stare
      without a reason.

      A brainstorm might come
      when confusion is alive
      with new thoughts to think.

      Winters persuasions
      come as snowflakes of blessings
      found fluffy and white.

      Dreams come as blessings
      when reality makes you cry.
      Thank God for your dreams.

      Time is a milestone
      that our bodies will be found
      counting out each day.

      Having and loving
      fills the joy of existence
      whether loved or lost.

      Points of tomorrow
      find their ways into today
      as we stay wanting.

      Christmastimes echoes
      are things we have remembered
      as our memories.

      Hate brings us sadness
      that forgiveness can destroy
      bringing in a smile.

      When in a moment
      the pressures could bring regret
      so think it over.

      Angels of mercy
      are sent as friends and blessings
      so to help you smile.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Nov 5, 2011

      God bless from Bill and Judy.

      Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
      and Old Fashioned Christmas site
      My new site below
      One of my friends sites below
      Me on UTube
      Your frosty friend Bill :)
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