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  • Bill Pearce
    ANIMAL S GREETINGS Hello my friends So, what s up doc hehehe? Nothing s much changed around these woods. We re still here with our regular every day
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2011
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      Hello my friends

      So, what's up doc hehehe? Nothing's much changed
      around these woods. We're still here with our regular
      every day programming hehehe. Each day seems to
      be the same to me, except of course for the snow that
      has finally melted away. The grass has begun to turn
      green. The trees are slowly but surely coming to life.
      Of course the only thing different with the evergreens
      is they don't have snow hanging in all their branches.
      Yeppers, for the first time since we moved up here
      we were able to see a snowless Easter hehehehehehe.
      There were still a few patches of snow where the sun
      didn't shine, but for the most part it was all gone from
      everywhere else that we could see. Springtime has
      made it finally. I took a few pictures outside our front
      door a few minutes ago and I will use them for today's
      stationary. Of course those of you receiving this via
      plane Jane/text style unfortunately will not see it hehe
      unless I upload it to my Facebook and you in fact have
      Facebook and me as a friend on it LOL. None the
      less, if you are so curious that you would like to see
      the pictures anyways, then let me know and I'll send
      ya a few. I only took 10 pictures but deleted 2 of em
      because they were askew a tad hehe. I can hear our
      neighbors kid riding his little 4 wheeler. up and down
      the road. Brings back memories of me back when I
      was a kid with my mini bike. I ran the wheels off
      that thing LOL. I was talking to my mom yesterday
      about our ages. I told her, I don't feel like a senior
      citizen for some reason other than of course my aches
      and pains. I tend to view things from a much younger
      viewpoint. I'm a kid at heart. Just wish my body was
      in better shape so I could do some things that I enjoy
      such as hiking. I used to love heading out through
      the woods to explore. Now I'm limited to the distance
      I can explore hehehe. Can't get far from a restroom,
      plus my old legs and feet don't hold out as long as
      they used to. Yet I'm grateful for what I am able to
      do. I have yet to of made another conga drum video,
      but am planning on giving it shot today. My mother
      reminded me of my dads problem with pinched nerves.
      He had the very same problem with the same arm
      and hand. The nerve in my neck is pinched and it
      makes my hand go numb then it begins to hurt and
      travel all up and down my arm throbbing. I had
      thought the problem had begun in my hand, but was
      wrong. Just reverse hehe. Oh well, I will attempt
      to stow the pain long enough to do me a four or five
      minute video. If ya see tears in my eyes hehehehehe
      ya will know it's hurting. Anyways, I'll post the
      video when I get it done and sized down for upload
      up to my UTube channel. Today's supposed to be
      a high of 61F degrees. Right now it's 55F degrees.
      There's a flood advisory for northeastern parts of
      Aroostook County in Northern Maine, but we are
      on high ground. Ye old snow melted making a lot
      of water to have no place to go. I guess you've heard
      of all the tornadoes that hit down south huh. Judy
      and I watched on TV as they showed the destruction.
      My heart and prayers goes out to all those affected.
      That's why it's always best to be ready to go home
      to Heaven. Always try to have your affairs in order
      and your relationship with God intact. We never
      know when that final day will come. It could be
      right around the corner and look as though we have
      a long way to go. Only God knows when the end
      shall come. Hehehe I wrote another poem that in
      a way may seem as an AA poem LOL, but it's all
      about life. Anyways, God has control and we need
      to keep that in mind as we do what we do. He does
      ever so often allow us to do what we will for its
      the lessons that transpire. We may view a moment
      of devastation as very sad, but God sees new angels
      born. It's not the end, but the beginning. We're
      here to live on this planet for just a brief. There
      are lost souls left walking the Earth for God only
      knows the reasons. None the less, Don't let your
      viewpoints cloud your judgment. Let God guide
      you through life. Of course there will be ups and
      downs. That's life! That's lessons! OK, so I guess
      it's time for me to take my little venture back on
      through all that I've written here to see if I can
      find a good word or phrase that might work well
      for the title for today's brand new poem. And so
      I am off to that place of my recollection that I like
      to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I found a
      good title. Now let's see if I can pull a rabbit out
      of the hat hehehe or write a good poem using it.
      Here goes one or the other LOL or both....

      Around The Corner

      Face to face
      a mind might see
      place to place
      in history.
      Yet the scenes
      from when and where
      around the corner
      might end there.
      Often judgment
      isn't seen
      when we're stuck then
      in between.
      Life of phases
      surely found
      around the corner
      might astound.
      Let not pages
      turns and twists
      lead you to
      an angered fist.
      Around the corner
      you might find
      God is waiting
      with your Time.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      May 1, 2011

      Ok so there ya go hehe. Gidder done :) I hope that
      made a little sense to ya. My hand is acting up right
      now so bear with me. I guess I need to be finding an
      ending to all my rambling hehehe so I reckon I need
      to be searching for that off switch, but not before I
      tell ya what I tell ya every week and that is, I wrote
      some more poems and haiku. Yeppers, I wrote 10
      more poems and 22 more haiku. Nopers, I didn't
      write any Christmas poems this time either, but rest
      assured I will hehehe. I simply love Christmas. We
      have our year round Christmas tree still lit up and
      standing in the living room LOL. It's one of those
      pre decorated fiber optic trees hehe. Judy saw that
      I spent a lot of time going to look at the tree to find
      some peace time to time, so she bought me this one
      as a Christmas gift to keep up all year round. Love
      that gal. Well I guess I need to be saying farewell
      before I begin searching for that off switch, So have
      a wonderful God filled week and always remember,
      Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to find that
      off switch. Hehehe found it hunkered down out
      in the front yard searching for snow. Ain't none
      dude hehehe. Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzz.

      God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

      Now on with the poems and haiku
      10 and 22 hehehehehehehehe :)

      I Will Not

      Today for a moment
      I will not worry
      about all the things
      that timelessly scurry.
      I will not venture
      with my despair.
      Just for today
      I'll kneel down in prayer.
      Today is just a time
      that can be found
      seeking passed trouble
      onto higher ground.
      I will not let ones
      to tear me apart
      with all their anger
      from ending to start.
      Today for a minute
      I will withstand
      all of the snapping
      of life's rubber bands
      and in the moments
      passed thereunto
      I will not let ones
      mess with my view.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Apr 30, 2011


      Scenes discarded
      day by day
      often are our
      own display.
      Sometimes moments
      found in time
      are our pages
      days design.
      Visions seen
      as dialect
      could be our own
      Many people
      here and there
      may see us as
      not so fair.
      We may look as
      though we're mean
      in their retrospect

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Apr 30, 2011

      Still Waters

      Many rivers
      lead to lakes
      without any
      life mistakes.
      Many rivers
      running free
      also head on
      out to sea.
      Yet some rivers
      only find
      they're still waters
      peace of mind.
      Ending as a
      peaceful stream
      without ripples
      ever seen.
      In still waters
      ones might view
      signs of times
      in a sea of blue.
      As reflections
      of the day
      the still waters
      melt away.
      Timeless minutes
      can be found
      when still waters
      come around.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Apr 30, 2011

      Visual Sounds

      Things we see
      from place to place
      might just be
      a moments grace.
      Visual sounds
      reflected views
      might just be
      some hidden news.
      Deep within
      a visual round
      there might be
      a hidden sound.
      As a moments
      visual scene
      sounds might be found
      in between.
      In the lightning
      of a storm,
      thunder comes
      to then conform.
      Visual sounds
      across the sky
      make the views
      of storms reply.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Apr 30, 2011


      With our blessings
      timeless seen
      we may not know
      what they mean.
      You may see some
      just insane
      as a blessing
      without gain.
      Often longing
      makes us view
      many blessings
      not so true.
      Sometimes wanting
      longing styles
      just removes
      our daily smiles.
      Make your longing
      that of God
      what that's good
      without applaud.
      Let your ego
      rest today.
      Make your longing
      God's Own Way.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Apr 30, 2011

      It Takes Two Hearts

      Combined together
      two shall find
      maybe a little
      heartfelt mind,
      but some people
      that we view
      should not be
      combined into.
      It takes two hearts
      made as one
      to make blessings
      then begun.
      Two found fighting
      day and night
      cannot find
      a peaceful sight.
      It takes two hearts
      bound together
      to make true love
      last forever.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Apr 30, 2011

      Rhythms Of Life

      Rhythms beating
      heard and found
      might be heartbeats
      sight and sound.
      Some are as
      the rhythms of life
      found as the echoes
      of husband and wife.
      Some symphonies
      are found unclear
      as all the rhythms
      we see and hear.
      The rhythms of life
      might be seen
      as a wanted
      wishful dream.
      Some so lucky
      though will find
      rhythms beating
      mind to mind
      and in those moments
      of rhythms of life
      there can be found
      the ending of strife.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Apr 30, 2011

      Wind in Bamboo

      I hear wind chimes
      sweetly singing
      as they're in
      the wind just ringing.
      Sticks of bamboo
      connected with twine
      sing me a song
      of a wonderful time.
      I hear the chimes
      in my memories
      singing the songs
      there in the trees.
      Hung on a branch
      in our backyard
      the wind in bamboo
      then clangs so hard.
      I hear the pitches
      now so true
      found in the time
      of wind and bamboo.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Apr 30, 2011

      Quiet Beauty

      Sounds of silence
      that we see
      can be as our
      quiet beauty.
      Scenes so silent
      in our view
      might be found
      as good and true.
      In quiet beauty
      there might grow
      signs of times
      filled with woe.
      Sometimes beauty
      isn't good,
      for it's just
      Let the silence
      become clear
      with quiet beauty
      so sincere.
      Let not beauty
      be as found
      without vision
      only sound.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Apr 30, 2011

      Almost Daybreak

      I watched the night
      transpose its view
      into something
      so brand new.
      I saw the sights
      of night at end
      almost daybreak
      to append.
      I watched closely
      as time went
      while night flew
      so Heaven sent.
      I watched the stars
      as night went on
      while almost daybreak
      sought to dawn.
      I saw the twinkling
      stars in flight
      while then daybreak
      ended night.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Apr 30, 2011

      for Apr 30, 2011

      Some might see blessings,
      but others see only bad
      as they are blinded.

      In a moments rush
      you might miss all the good times
      as they pass you by.

      Springtime is displayed
      as shadows of memories
      as flowers blossom.

      Thinking a good thought
      does not mean that you are smart.
      Sometimes just lucky.

      Standing in the rain
      will sometimes enlighten you,
      but you may get wet.

      Time might unleash storms
      that you may not understand.
      Sometime's that is best.

      Thunderstorms display
      when clouds unite together
      and become as one.

      Wintertime is gone
      leaving only shadows found
      as patches of snow.

      In a mere meadow
      could be a heartbeat of time
      hidden in a dream.

      Painted are echoes
      across the great dispersion
      of lifetime of scenes.

      With kindred spirits
      comes many different views
      that need to unite.

      Life might seem gruesome,
      but it could be just your sight
      that sees it that way.

      Temporal moments
      connect together in time
      through humanity.

      Lessons have value
      sometimes found as our hard knocks
      we wished to avoid.

      Slumbering silence
      might be awakened by sounds
      of a crashing car.

      Searching for newness
      could leave you wishing for old
      to come back again.

      Daybreaks encounter
      brings hope for a better day,
      but it needs our help.

      Guarantees aren't good
      if they're done with emptiness
      without any proof.

      The lines on a face
      mark the minutes of a life
      with smiles and frowns.

      While looking upwards
      you might get pooped in the face
      by a passing bird.

      Bringing yesterday
      to today and tomorrow
      needs done with lessons.

      Seeing someone talk
      does not mean you are to hear.
      Give some privacy.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Apr 30, 2011

      God bless from Bill and Judy.

      Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
      and Old Fashioned Christmas site
      My new site below
      One of my friends sites below
      and once again the poetry contest at
      Me on UTube
      Your frosty friend Bill :)
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