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Pray and Wait

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  • Bill Pearce
    ANIMAL S GREETINGS Hello my friends So is it cold where you are? It s still a might chilly up here. Yes we still have tons of snow out our front door
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2011

      Hello my friends

      So is it cold where you are? It's still a might chilly up here.
      Yes we still have tons of snow out our front door hehehehe.
      It's supposed to begin snowing again tonight and tomorrow,
      as well as possibly off and on for the rest of the week hehe.
      Sometimes I swear we could actually be at the North Pole.
      It sure looks like it LOL and feels like it! Yet this year has
      been rather mild compared to our previous winters :) We
      haven't had any 40 and 50 below zero days this year YET!
      Of course winter is surely not over by a long shot up this
      ways. Nope, we've still got a couple of months worth for
      sure hehehe. I guess it's time for me to move along with
      my rambling to another topic. Judy and I have been still
      playing our farming games, but getting bored with them
      a little hehe. We've begun playing some of our old games
      that we used to play such as Hidden Object games that we
      bought from Big Fish games and other places. Yep, Judy
      pulls her chair over here and we spend hours searching to
      find the hidden objects in the games as well as figuring
      out the puzzles here and there. We still also watch the
      many TV programs that we've taken a liken to. There's
      not much else to do up here in whiteout Maine hehehehe.
      Yeppers I go snow-blind every time I open the door on a
      sunny day. So I don't open the door anymore than I've
      gotta when the sun is peeking out unless I can find my
      sunshades and put them on hehehe. Last night it got
      down to minus 10 degrees F. Right now at 7:27 AM it's
      minus 3 degrees F. Brrrrrrr is right. It might get up to
      20 degrees F today. Oooh where's my Bermuda shorts?
      For all of my friends and family that live down in Texas
      I want you to please TURN UP THE HEAT. They say
      Heat rises hehehe. Maybe it'll reach us LOL! So now
      I reckon it's time to find yet another topic. There's not
      much else to report from up here other than Judy has
      given her notice at work that she will be taking off for
      a week in the second week of March, but being we
      can't afford to go anywhere, we'll just be relaxing
      here at home. Yet Judy wants to go out to eat at least
      one of those days, so we might look around to find a
      good restaurant to eat at other than of course the ones
      she cooks at every week hehehe. She'll have to keep
      an eye open for a good one, being I can't see but only
      the distance of a foot away clearly hehehe. Oh well,
      I know we will enjoy our time together LOL if we
      don't kill each other hehe. Oh yea, Judy bought us
      a fiber optic Christmas Tree last month that we can
      keep up all year round. It has its own ornaments, so
      nothing to decorate hehehe. We both love Christmas
      and I for one find that when I look at the Christmas
      tree all lit up, it cheers me up. Yes I get sad from
      time to time being so far away from all my family
      and friends. My friend Brian that used to live next
      door had to move in with his dad in Houlton and I
      have no clue where he lives, plus I couldn't get there
      if I wanted to. He said he's wanting to do some more
      fishing when it warms up, but that's a good ways
      away. I do get rather bored time to time without no
      one to spend any time with other than Judy. We do
      enjoy our time together, but I miss my friends and
      family tremendously. I'm sure God is at work with
      His plans for my future just as He is for yours. God
      has a way of giving surprises that we could never
      ever dream of. Sometimes those surprises are what
      we would never have wanted, but yet need just the
      same. He knows what's best for you and I. It's us
      that often step out of His grace and choose our own
      pathways which lead to destruction. Often a mere
      moment will look so luscious it's hard to look away,
      but it could have trouble hidden behind its beauty.
      Let God help you in your choices by keeping His
      Will in mind through prayer. Sometimes it's best
      to pray and wait. As a matter of fact that sounds
      like a good title for a poem LOL. We shall see if
      I find anything better. Anyways, it's time once agin
      for me to begin my little venture back through all I
      have written here to see if I can find a good word
      or phrase that I can use for the title for today's
      brand new poem. So it's off I go to that place of my
      recollection that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
      I believe I might just use that title I found a bit ago.
      So let's see what I can do with it hehehe. Here goes!

      Pray and Wait

      Yes it's our hurry
      that digs us a hole
      deep within moments
      of our daily goal.
      Things often happen
      we don't anticipate
      so we need often
      to just pray and wait.
      Letting Lord Jesus
      to guide us each day
      by sometimes choosing
      to just wait and pray.
      Yes there are minutes
      that we need to scurry
      as life dishes out
      things in a hurry.
      Yet there are timeframes
      we might be better
      to just pray and wait
      right then altogether.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Feb 27, 2011

      So there ya go :) hehehe. I hope you understood the
      meaning of that poem. I know I often get antsy from
      time to time as impatience digs into my mind hehehehe.
      By the way, why do they call the people who wait in a
      doctors office patients. I have not seen many that are
      actually PATIENT hehehe. I'm usually wanting to get
      it over with so I can get outta there LOL and waiting
      an hour next to someone that has the measles or some
      other transmittable disease isn't my idea of fun hehehe.
      Have ya ever gone to the doctors office to only be sat
      next to a guy or girl coughing their guts out as you sit
      there wondering what ailment you're going to go home
      with after your visit LOL? Yeppers, I've hit Silly Ville.
      I guess though it's time for me to take a trip away from
      it and tell you what I tell you every week hehehehehe
      and that is, I wrote some more poems. This week I
      wrote 3 more Christmassy wintery poems. Hey, when
      it looks as it does outside, can ya blame me LOL!!!!!
      Yes of course I write Christmas poems most times
      all throughout the year to be published on my great
      friend Ben Geurts Old Fashioned Christmas site that
      is up all year round. He has over 400 of my Christmas
      poems published on his site, but the grandest thing is
      his artwork and all the stories that he displays there
      for all to see and download. He also loves the feeling
      of Christmas. It's a magical feeling. So if ya ever
      find the time, why not take a little venture over to
      his year round Christmas site. The link to it is at
      the bottom of the journal along with his Drawing art
      site. There are also many other sites to visit with
      links below. ENJOY!!! Now I think it's time for me
      to be searching to find that old off switch, but not
      before I wish you a most wonderful God filled week.
      Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too. Now,
      to find that off switch that loves to play hide and
      seek hehehe. Found it once again sitting on the steps
      just staring out at the endless snow hehehehehehe.
      See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

      God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

      P.S. I wonder if that groundhog will ever see
      his shadow hehehehe!!!!

      Now on with the poems and haiku
      10 and 22 hehehehehehehe :)

      Christmas Dreams

      Deep within
      the dark of night
      there is found
      a winters white.
      Snowy scenes
      from here to there
      seem as Christmas
      answered prayer.
      Little snowflakes
      seem to fall
      here and there
      and over all.
      Deep within
      the colored scenes
      there is found
      some Christmas dreams.
      Snow filled moments
      we remember
      that were found
      within December.
      Christmas lights
      are found on cue
      lighting up
      this winters hue.
      Scenic segues
      snowy white
      are the shadows
      now in sight.
      Seen as heartbeats
      of God's love
      the snowflakes fall
      from up above.
      Magic minutes
      then are found
      as white snow
      paints the ground.
      Thoughts illusions
      not so real
      the snowflakes are
      what hands can feel.
      Bringing Christmas
      with white snow
      upon the trees.
      Scenes so blissful
      starry white
      remind me of
      a Christmas night.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Feb 26, 2011

      A Path in Time

      Assorted paths
      we travel on
      lead us to
      a dusty dawn.
      As beginnings
      of a day
      assorted paths
      lead the way.
      Some are judgment
      not so good
      taking paths
      Often pathways
      we confide
      take us on
      a gruesome ride.
      Assorted paths
      of timeless ways
      might just be
      a moments phase.
      Lead thereto
      by want and will
      assorted paths
      might just fulfill.
      A mere moments
      own design
      could just be
      a path in time.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Feb 26, 2011

      Christmastime Another Day

      Looking outside
      I now see
      sights so white
      and Christmassy.
      Scenic meadows
      far and wide
      now are with
      white snow applied.
      Points of vision
      here and there
      seem to heighten
      Christmas air.
      The seeming breath
      of Christmastime
      seems to be
      in nows design.
      Painted oh so
      snowy white
      found within
      my daily sight.
      Looking outside
      I now find
      Christmas growing
      on my mind.
      Thoughts perception
      sought and found
      now are snowflakes
      on the ground.
      Scenic meadows
      far and wide
      are the sights
      I see outside.
      Found as minutes
      wondrous views
      I now head out
      with snowshoes.
      Making footprints
      in the snow
      here and there
      where all I go.
      Yet now looking
      back in time
      I now see
      my own design
      as remembered
      far away
      another day.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Feb 26, 2011

      A Moments Groove

      A moments notice
      could be seen
      as a wishful
      moments dream.
      A mere moments
      time portrayed
      could enlighten
      mistakes made.
      A moments notice
      seen as true
      might not be so
      good to do.
      Think real clearly
      how you move
      before you make
      a moments groove.
      For a moment
      that is done
      could become
      your setting sun.
      Good and bad
      of thereabouts
      a moments notice
      could have doubts.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Feb 26, 2011

      Windy Views

      The night air brings
      my thoughts alive
      here and there
      before it's five.
      The clock ticks on
      as nighttime goes
      with its wondrous
      winter shows.
      The wind so strong
      just blows around
      white snowflakes
      upon the ground.
      The night air sings
      its wondrous song
      of what all that
      blows along.
      Winters scenes
      are found in place
      here at night
      upon my face.
      Now I feel
      the wind a blowing
      that it is going.
      As our trailer
      rocks about
      the night air goes
      its wondrous route.
      With the winters
      driving force
      the night air keeps
      its windy course.
      Found within
      the clocks of time
      the wind blows on
      just like a rhyme.
      A poem of words
      with windy views,
      the night air brings
      the morning news.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Feb 26, 2011

      When We Let Jesus

      Questions are answered
      often with no
      when we ask Jesus
      please can we go.
      Often our timing
      isn't so good
      and we're not doing
      all that we should.
      Questions are answered
      often with wait
      when we ask Jesus
      for a time and date.
      Often our time
      is out of sync
      with how that Jesus
      would have us think.
      Questions are answered
      often with yes
      when we see Jesus
      then at our best.
      Often our wantings
      just need to be
      changed in a little
      Godly degree.
      Questions are answered
      how God sees fit
      with often wordings
      of just have a sit.
      Often our waiters
      just get impatient
      and give us troubles
      that aren't Heaven sent.
      Questions are answered
      best there about
      when we let Jesus
      to help work it out.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Feb 26, 2011

      A Different Sight

      Many people
      seek to find
      their own frame
      of peace of mind.
      Yet so many
      do not know
      where to look
      or where to go.
      Many seeking
      only look
      at the cover
      of the book
      and not reading
      page by page
      time to time
      of age to age.
      Many people
      only see
      what they want
      in you and me
      and if they don't
      then they cease
      to take the time
      to find the peace.
      For in pages
      of another
      they might differ
      from the cover.
      Written different
      word by word
      your own thought
      might be absurd.
      You might see
      a different sight
      than of course
      what's truly right.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Feb 26, 2011

      The Dark of Night

      A simple shadow
      of a sight
      found within
      the dark of night
      might just be
      a simple thing
      waiting for
      the sight of spring.
      A simple minute
      there in view
      might just be
      something brand new.
      A simple sight
      from shadows seen
      might just be
      a moments dream.
      A simple shadow
      found in place
      might just be
      a simple trace.
      A simple moment
      shadowed sight
      might just be
      the dark of night.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Feb 26, 2011

      A Snowy Serenade

      Winters blessings
      now at hand
      are as snow
      upon the land.
      Mornings coldness
      brings to view
      the change of day
      in a sky of blue.
      Scenes of wonder
      paint each day
      so white sublime.
      All the blessings
      snowy white
      now are showing
      winters sight.
      Scenes transposing
      every frame
      with the snowflakes
      whence they came.
      Winters blessings
      are now laid
      in a snowy

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Feb 26, 2011


      Many struggle
      with their stage
      found in time
      with age to age.
      Moments flurries
      hurried to
      many struggle
      Often problems
      come and go
      leaving moments
      found with woe.
      Then our struggles
      found compared
      are with ones
      so unprepared.
      Many blissful
      starry nights
      lead us to
      some not so rights.
      Often choices
      said and done
      are the lessons
      setting sun.
      Many struggles
      we go through
      make a better
      me and you.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Feb 26, 2011

      for Feb 26, 2011

      Medium moments
      might just be graded wrongly.
      They might be better.

      Essence of winter
      can be dissolved as snowflakes
      or then maybe not.

      Life can be problems
      if you hang onto burdens
      that you should let go.

      Now's a split second
      which good and bad can survive
      with choices to make.

      Every heartbeat
      beats individually,
      yet sometimes as two.

      Life is perception
      taken in a view of time
      and how it's perceived.

      A snowflakes journey
      is one begun as raindrops
      turned to ice crystals.

      The depth of the sea
      is much deeper than our dreams
      which make many thrive.

      Looking up skyward
      you can see clouds floating by
      as ocean bound ships.

      When enslaved by time
      you allow it to beat you.
      Let time go its way.

      Health is a blessing
      that many take for granted
      until they get sick.

      Living as liars
      will only bring misfortune,
      for truth must exist.

      Continued left turns
      will not end up the right way.
      You must turn correctly.

      Leaving unturned stones
      could find you empty handed
      due to not looking.

      The quest for knowledge
      sometimes finds stupidity
      hidden in the quest.

      God gives us chances.
      It's up to our decisions
      to choose right or wrong.

      Hands held out windows
      will not always catch a breeze.
      They could catch a sign.

      Ill fitting moments
      might fall away from your life
      if they do not fit.

      A rivers journey
      could lead you to rocky shores
      hidden in the ride.

      Seeing a burden
      and recognizing its value
      is the true lesson.

      Two found united
      can become one entity
      through love and grace.

      Right now's a journey
      with our footprints of moments
      just gathering speed.

      ©By Bill Pearce
      Feb 26, 2011

      God bless from Bill and Judy.

      Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
      and Old Fashioned Christmas site
      My new site below
      One of my friends sites below
      and once again the poetry contest at
      Me on UTube
      Your frosty friend Bill :)
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