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9499Re: [poetry_speaks] Kill Me Once

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  • Ed Wolverton
    Dec 1, 2007
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      Hi Hazeen...........Thanks for the reply................Ed.

      hasrat hazeen <hazeen_hasrat@...> wrote:
      Hi Ed..
      Very interested and so great one,,,
                                Let me write more few words in my own way,
                                                 Kill me but not my rights,
                                                 I will not beg you for life,
                                                Kill me ,,Oh my protector,
                                                 I here to fight ,,yes fight,
                                              Fight for my rights,not for life,
                                                You are here protect your
                                               Don t do that ,,just kill me,
                                               Still i am here will not go,
                                             Till you kill me  or accept my rights,
                                                Why you fear ,,not fair,
                                            Why you don t care,,care for my life,
                                            Or you are only here for your means,
                                              Once again i am saying you kill me,
                                              Otherwise some one gona come
                                                      and kill you,,
      hazeen hasrat

      Ed Wolverton <ewolvertonart@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      Kill Me Once
      by Edward Wolverton@2007
      So I have tried,
      and though I have died,
      into intent
      this foe
      battled me.
      Kill me only once
      and then you die,
      of great remorse
      for when I hide,
      I will seek you out
      to kill you,
      and you will harm no other.
      The fear is within ourselves
      to be exposed to death...
      What will we see
      when death has come and gone,
      and we believe ourselves
      to still be alive?
      Would we fear?
      Do we care to cry?
      When death strikes out
      it is the end of all for yourself,
      so death to him who kills,
      as you are the one who See's him alive,
      and to keep him alive
      you must be...
      what your creation
      gives him the life to be.
      Kill me if you can
      such great disorder and discontent,
      though I will be,
      you shall not see me die
      until you see your own death,
      for I am the living force
      of my own self,
      and when I die,
      all else will fall away
      beyond my reality.
       What life I know
      is within my own eyes,
      and if I say it is so,
      then it becomes
      the reality of my own being.
      I see myself
      to be the life force
      for which I am,
      and if I pass away,
      then all else
      shall pass away also.
      I am my own life,
      and see things through my own eyes,
      that life shall be,
      or if it not,
      then creation is dead
      in itself.
      Kill me once
      and I shall die
      an eternal bond with life,
      and you shall not
      know what I see
      until I am dead,
      and you are dead,
      now believe.
      Fear not what death has come
      to comfort my own soul,
      for when I die...
      I shall take it all with me,
      for this is my life
      that I become so real.
      For what death
      once to kill,
      shall be no more
      of life.
      is what it is.

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