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774Re: [poetry_speaks] Cold, Damp Corridors

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  • Ed Wolverton
    Aug 1, 2006
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      Great write Debbie......Ed.

      DLBudnick <dlbudnick@...> wrote:
      Cold, Damp Corridors
      by Debbie Budnick

      in the cold, damp corridors of home
      I felt safe and secure waiting indoors
      for the bad weather to stop, its harsh
      and hard pounding rain brought yet another
      series of flooding upon the land
      making the chaotic gray clouds less constipated

      the lightening and thunder soon ceased
      to exist, trees still moved in the wind,
      life outside looked dry as thick fog
      strolled casually in out of nowhere
      making me blind to what set before me
      in a world full of possibilities,
      a world tainted with evils
      we strive to push away, to ignore

      yet I felt safe and secure waiting
      in the cold, damp corridors of home

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