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  • hasrat hazeen
    Aug 1, 2007
                            TEARS OF HAPPINESS AND SADNESS,
                                      All commiunity wellcomed,
                                             After 16 years she returned to
                                                         home land,
                                                 Aarati have thought,
                                               Death is near to her;
                                               Her happiness gone,
                                                  No longer strong, 
                                              Aarati 62 Year old have
                                           desire to die her home land,
                                               Wet tears in volumes,
                                            When her friend Nasreena
                                               bagum huged tightly,
                                               Both cryed like child,
                                           16 Years ,yes after years,
                                           Aarati towards Nasreena
                                           why this happen in our
                                                joint community,
                                          My dear ,dont cry be now
                                         Then why   you are crying also and
                                           your tears are trying to hide
                                             some thing Aarti said, 
                                        No , leave and come inside,
                                            Tears of happiness
                                        continue from their eyes,
                                                Evening time ,
                                           A change suddenly ,
                                          When Nasreen asked to
                                          Aarati where is your son
                                        Why he did t come with you?
                                         Tears , Aarati eyes wet again,
                                           He denied to come and he is
                                           victim of political conspriacy
                                            again  and decide to live in
                                                 separate township,
                                                         Then ,,,
                                            Aarati told leave and tell me,
                                                Where is your son Hilal?
                                             I have not seen him yet here,
                                                  He,,,,he ...he
                                           Nasreen cried loudly and huged
                                            Aarati and screamed  tears of
                                            sadness continue saying sad
                                          He is disappeared from IO years ,
                                          He became victim of his innocence,
                                          I tried lot to find him but i myself got
                                      disapear in promises of fake democracy,
                                       Tears,,both huged again and tears
                                                       and tears,
                                                     Morning time, 
                                                 A change suddenly,
                                                   A return to  life,
                                               Sadness still there,
                                             Wet tears in volumes,
                                             Both mothers in tears,
                                         Tears of happiness and sadness
                                                    falling togather,
      @OI/08/2007  HAZEEN HASRAT

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