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6440fair heart

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  • sherrie
    Apr 1, 2007
      to walk away from something beautiful
      oh how silly some can be
      one light in the darkness ahh but you cant see
      something so real it shines ahhh but you cant see
      a touch as light as feathers lips so tasty sweet
      but alas my dear fair heart you cant see
      a tought will linger in your mind
      a dream for you to dream
      sleep dear fair heart lul your senses
      envision the beauty you just cant see
      one step to mark infinity one choice to rue the day
      alas my dear fair heart you cant see
      a depth you will never reach
      a path never takin
      a trip cancled a trip mourned
      alas dear fairheart you just cant see
      good bye dear fair heart in your dreams i will be
      a flicker on a cold lonely night
      a dream where you dont wish to wake
      alas dear fair heart you will never see