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  • Charles Seltenright
    Mar 1, 2007
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      View To The Soul Hits 100 Members !!!!

      Hey All,
      I just wanted to share with all of you my excitement
      as my poetry group has hit 100 members.I started the
      group with the encouragment of fellow poet formerly
      known as Gentleman Webster .I was tired of the lack of
      respect shown to other poets on some of the other
      groups.So I hoped to create a place anyone could share
      there work without harsh criticism or ridicule.We are
      a diverse group,comming from all walks of life,and all
      over the world.We only have one rule....RESPECT and it
      fits the bill nicely.To date we havent had a single
      issue or problem.I belong to many groups that have
      been around for a long time that still have not
      reached 100 members.So to say I am proud of our group
      and its growing membership is an understatement.Feel
      free to stop by and check out our group and enjoy the
      many forms and styles of poetry.We would love to have
      you.I think tonight I will celebrate with a good Micro
      Brew or two.Congrats to the group and all of its
      members!! Keep on writing and sharing your love of the
      written word.

      Charles John Seltenright
      ''The Poet 69''
      View To The Soul Poetry Group At Yahoo


      Peace People,
      Chuck aka ''The Poet 69''

      ''People Who dont have Nightmares dont have Dreams''

      Join Us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/viewtothesoul/join

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