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  • DLBudnick
    Jan 4, 2007
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      Thanks William. I have been getting quite a few good responses on this one. I am glad it went over good.

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      From: william anderson
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      wonderful poem, nicely written. i feel this poem on a deep level.

      DLBudnick <dlbudnick@...> wrote:


      if I can take his hand in mine
      to help him cross the street
      or lift him to a perch
      where he can see
      then in the overall scheme of things
      the winner is really me

      if I can comfort a bruised heart
      or touch a tiny soul
      then I can help him set, achieve
      his goals

      if I can read a story,
      touch his imagination,
      then I can tweak his interest
      in how to run a nation

      if I can block a basketball
      catch a tiny smile
      I've managed to slow time
      for just a little while

      if I can teach him to listen
      talk to God alone, at work, at play
      I've given him the key
      for finding his own way

      if I can teach him to standup for his rights
      while respecting those of others
      I've given him the tool to get along
      with all beings upon this Earth

      if in all my endeavors
      I can help one child
      or ease another's pain
      I can know for certain
      I have not lived in vain

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