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4696the moon tide

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  • david garden
    Dec 1, 2006
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      moodily thrusting lovers
      moan like cellos
      or those lustfully searching
      for pearls in shallow streams
      eyes like gravestones
      that stare in to the horizon
      sadly each day
      yet the fearless hearts
      seek to stoke the fires
      within each other
      or pirates about to board
      a ship gaudily smiling
      or like smiling adolescents
      scavenging, intoxicated
      cocks frown on cold morning 
      like flailing  ewes  do
      can lying sheep grin..?
      asinine, pitiless
      he is an admiral pig she says
      and bites his flesh
      like an addict quivers with a needle
      indiscreet, loathsome.
      yet singing at the (hardened)
      abandonment she gets fiercely
      from his jangly spear
      wrinkled & creamy
      yet venomous or
      abrasive like grains of sand
      that exalt..rising
      capricious, laughable.
      the fiery gate keeper awakens
      the passion that ebb & flows
      like the moon tide..
      Dundee Dave

      HIGHLANDER.   evan thought you may lose hope, faith, and trust, in your life...or visons & dreams ....  know that the light still burns, and will never extinguish ...  from...d.garden.dundee.scotland

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