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378Lost Chasing Dreams

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  • Charles Seltenright
    Jul 1, 2006
      Living life it seems
      Chasin lost dreams
      All I cant have
      Is all I ever had
      Family,kids and wife
      Dreamed it all my life
      Now life is fleeing
      And Im to clearly seeing
      Everything I took for granted
      Is all I really wanted
      Memories I cant dismiss
      Painfully,regretfully miss
      If only I could turn back time
      Erasing the mistakes that are mine
      I now truly know
      I should of never let you go
      All you wanted me to see
      Is clearly in front of me
      No I cant change the mistakes
      But why does it have to be too late??
      I pray and pray to God above
      I still hold you in my heart with love
      Wishing you coould truly see
      What you really mean to me
      If I could have that chance ever
      I would love you forever and ever
      Charles John Seltenright
      The Poet 69

      ''People Who dont have Nightmares dont have Dreams''
       Peace People,
      Chuck aka The Poet 69

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