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2467RE: [poetry_speaks] The Shadow Beyond the Trees

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  • Cendrine Marrouat (www.soulpoetrysite.co
    Oct 1 12:43 AM
      Hey Diamond!
      Actually, I wrote the tankas with you in mind, I wanted to give you some strength!
      How are you?

      Cendrine Marrouat - And They All Rejoiced!


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      "Cendrine Marrouat (www.soulpoetrysite .com)" <amepoesie@yahoo. ca> wrote:
      Carving names on rocks
      and whispering to the moon
      he feels harmony –
      sweet embrace from loving folks
      and a good sleep for ever.
      Rain poured from the skies
      unable to stop its course
      and broke some spirits
      I will notice you again
      when light and earth shine anew.
      Slowly and gently,
      waves wash my sorrow away –
      love was my best friend
      but my ship is lost at sea
      and my heart feels comforted.
      Anger fills the air
      like a storm ready to blast;
      tomorrow will grieve
      for they told me to forget.
      How can I? You are in me!
      Once again, nature
      welcomes another creature
      in her womb, hoping
      they will want to stay awhile.
      One day, one day, my dear friend.
      Today’s clouds look bare;
      the shadow beyond the trees
      seem to look at me
      as though questions meant the world
      and my soul were free at last!
      Winnipeg, Canada, October 1, 2006

      red rose, crimson beauty
      fifty petals of passion,
              fifty petals of peace
                   coming in 2006...look for it!
                        poetry with a purpose.
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      Diamond In the Rough, her story (2007)

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