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14885POETRY SUPER HIGHWAY our contest is exploding! (explode with us) / Open Reading tomorrow!

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  • Rick Lupert
    Aug 9, 2014
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      Poetry Super Highway Weekly Newsletter
      Poetry Super Highway
      • Enter the 2014 PSH Poetry Contest
        We've got over 125 contest entries in so far! Thanks to our many generous sponsors, we hope to be able to give everyone who enters a prize of interest to poets and writers just for entering (in addition to the cash prize for the top three scoring poems.) Enter now! Click here for all the details, or email guidelines@... to have the guidelines automatically e-mailed to you.

      • Join us tomorrow, August 10 at 2pm (Pacific) for the next PSH Live Online Open Reading. Call in and read a poem to our worldwide audience and/or just tune in to hear the poetry. Click here to tune in.

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      Issue # 871 - ISSN: 1523-6587.

      August 11-17, 2014

      this week:


      This week's featured poets are: David Chorlton and Patrick Theron Erickson:

      David Chorlton (Phoenix, Arizona) was born in Austria, grew up in Manchester, England, and went to live for several years in Vienna before moving to Phoenix, where he still lives, in 1978. Arizona’s landscapes and wildlife have become increasingly important to him and a significant part of his poetry. His most recent collection is The Devil’s Sonata from FutureCycle Press. The shadow side of Vienna provides the core of The Taste of Fog, a work of fiction published by Rain Mountain Press

      Patrick Theron Erickson (Garland, Texas) used to live in Uvalde, Texas, less than a mile north of the intersection of the two longest highways in the United States—Highway 83 from Mexico to Canada and Highway 90 from the East to the West Coast. With this submission Patrick's avocation goes without saying. As for vocation, he is a parish pastor, a shepherd of sheep, a small flock with no sheep dog and no hang-dog expression. Or he is the sheep dog, a small dog, with the hang-dog expression. Secretariat is his mentor, though he has never been an over-achiever and has never gained on the competition. He resonates to a friend's definition of change: change coming at us a lot faster because you can punch a whole lot more, a whole lot faster down digital broadband "glass" fiber than an old copper co-axial landline cable. Of late Patrick's work has appeared or is forthcoming in Assisi; Calliope Poets; A Clean, Well-Lighted Place; Poetry Super Highway; Wilderness House Literary Review; Prairie Wolf Press Review; Poetry Quarterly; Breakwater Review; Cobalt Review.

      Read their work HERE.


      Here are all of the new sites added to the Poetry Super Highway's Poetry and Writing links sections:

      Find thousands more links to poetry and writing websites in our online Link Directory. Click HERE to add your poetry/writing website to our directory.


      Blue Hour, the
      The blue hour is the period of twilight each morning and evening where we move from day to night. There is neither full daylight nor complete darkness. This time is considered special because of its unique quality of light. We started this magazine because we are both poets and had spent many hours researching possible places to publish. When one magazine on the list closed due to the editor having a full time job and life etc. we decided to take matters into our own hands.

      Poppy Road Review
      Poppy Road Review is a literary arts journal featuring free verse poetry, book reviews, interviews with poetry & fiction authors, and artwork. Journey with us on the road to poems that linger and haunt, which encompass the themes of life, love, loss, dreams, mysteries, melancholy, curiosities, revelations, and anything in-between the cracks.

      Whistling Shade
      Whistling Shade is a literary journal and small press located in St. Paul, MN. We take a populist approach to literature and our audience is the general reading public.


      For Lack of Diamond Years by Caroline Beasley BakerFor Lack of Diamond Years by Caroline Beasley-Baker featured this week in the Poets of the Week books section of the P PSH Bookstore

      FOR LACK of DIAMOND YEARS is an idiosyncratic collection of short poems - most under 20 lines - where questions lead the way. The poems are a mixed set of free verse, unabashed counting forms like the Hay(na)ku and the Elfchen, and a very minimalist version of John Cage's mesostic form, along with a small number of poems based on colors, and a few that steal freely from traditional American songs. But at its heart, For Lack of Diamond Years is a quixotic narration between realms of being - from the quotidian into the sometimes numinous, sometimes murky realm of the unknown/unknown, and on into a kind of revamped transcendental. There is a thread of praise that runs throughout an embrace of the joys and sorrows of thinking and feeling, of love and loss..

      Click here for more and to order

      Paperback, 92 pages, Pelekinesis, November 2013


      PSH LiveWe host a monthly, live, online open reading and other special shows which you can listen to and participate in here: http://poetrysuperhighway.com/psh/psh-live/

      If you can't make the live time, you can also listen to any past show by visiting poetrysuperhighway.com/pshlive.html and clicking on the show's title. (As well as subscribe to all of our shows through iTunes or any other software you use to listen to podcasts.

      Upcoming Shows:

      August 2014 PSH Live Open Reading
      Sunday, August 10, 2014 ~ 2:00 pm (pacific) - Tomorrow!
      Join our monthly open reading by calling in to read a poem or just listening to poets from all over the world! No content or style restrictions. Tell us what's going on in your poetry world: Your latest book, an upcoming reading or a call for submissions. Join in!

      Recently Archived broadcasts:

      Conversation with 2014 PSH Poetry Contest Judges
      Sunday, July 27, 2014
      A great conversation with two of the 2014 Poetry Super Highway Poetry contest judges Douglas Richardson and Hannah Dow! Listen in to hear what they had to say about poetry and the process they're using when reading your poems...then enter the contest here!

      June 2014 PSH Live Open Reading
      Sunday, June 22
      It was truly the international edition of Poetry Super Highway Live this month with callers early in from Australia and Singapore In addition to folks representing the good old U.S.A. from Herreman, TN, Sun City and Los Angeles, CA, Merrick, NY and Glenridge, New Jersey. We also played a spoken word track from Dee Sunshine from the wilds of Europe.

      Poetry Super Highway Live would love to host your reading, interview, contest promotion or other poetry/writing related show. Please e-mail your show idea to Rick@..., and we'll take it from there.

      For information on placing Poetry Related classifieds ads on the Poetry Super Highway web page and weekly e-mail outburst, send an e-mail to: classifieds@...

      Winning WritersTom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest - Deadline Next Month

      12th year. Deadline: September 30. Top prize for a poem in any style: $1,000. Top prize for a poem that rhymes or has a traditional style: $1,000. Total prizes: $3,000.

      Both published and unpublished work accepted. Winning entries published online. New entry fee is more friendly to longer poems. Submit 1-2 poems of any length for a flat $16. Judge: Ellaraine Lockie.

      See past winners, advice from the judge, and submit online at

      ...Alex M. Frankel reading at the Second Sunday Poetry Series in Pasadena

      SECOND SUNDAY POETRY SERIES in Los Angeles - New Venue! This open mic poetry reading series, hosted by Alex M. Frankel, takes place on the second Sunday of every month at the Studio Theatre At St Denis Building (3433 Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles 90068). Great poets are featured. They perform their work, sell and sign books and mingle with audience members and open mic participants. Admission is free.

      Next reading: Sunday, August 10, 2014 - 5 pm. Featuring Bob Foster and Brenda Petrakos. For more about the series please email alexmfrankel2000@... The Studio Theatre At St Denis Building is located at 3433 Cahuenga Blvd, in Los Angeles 90068. Check out website, search for "Second Sunday Poetry"

      Poets, Writers, Dreamers...

      DREAM QUEST ONE POETRY & WRITING CONTEST is open to anyone who loves expressing their innermost thoughts and feelings into the beautiful literary art of poetry and/or writing a story that is worth telling everyone.

      Guidelines: (1) Write a poem, thirty lines or fewer on any subject, form or style. And/or (2) Write a short story five pages maximum length, single or double line spacing, on any subject or theme, fiction or non-fiction. Multiple entries are accepted.

      Prizes: Writing First Prize is $500; Second: $250; Third: $100. Poetry First Prize: $250; Second: $125; Third: $50.

      Entry fees: $5 per poem/$10 per story.

      Postmark deadline: July 31, 2014

      How to enter, visit: http://www.dreamquestone.com

      Nothing in New England is New by Rick LupertNothing in New England is New: The Poet’s Experiences in New England, America

      “Rick Lupert is a writer’s chef. He used to be a writer’s writer. Tomorrow he could be dead. You will be pleased at the way he masterfully sees something and then somehow manages to find a piece of paper and then write down something that is in no way reflective of what he truly saw. He is like a liar and a simile. If you want to laugh, there’s this book or anything on NBC pre-1986.” ~ Derrick Brown

      Nothing in New England is New is Rick Lupert’s 15th collection of poetry and latest in his poetic travelogue series. This edition takes you through such exotic American locations as Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Salem, Boston and Plymouth, Massachusetts, and Providence Rhode Island where they set the river on fire. Ride with Lupert’s trademark wit down the highways of New England. Unexpected turns will be taken, Ekphrastic Observations will be made. You will laugh. You will question your own underwear. You will want to set your local river on fire. As always, clothing is optional. (200 Pages, Ain’t Got No Press, March 2013)

      Learn more about Nothing in New England is New, read sample poems and get your own copy here.

      Affordable Website Hosting

      Ekphrastia Gone Wild: Poems inspired by art - edited by Rick Lupert Ekphrastia Gone Wild: poems inspired by art edited by Rick Lupert

      Ekphrastia Gone Wild (Ain’t Got No Press, July, 2013) is an anthology of ekphrastic poetry – poetry inspired by other works of art (including painting, film, literature, photography and more) including work by Nobel Prize winning poet Wislawa Szymborska along with a roster of 87 poets from all over the world including Suzanne Lummis, Laurel Ann Bogen, Jerry Quickly, Brendan Constantine, Gerald Locklin, Robert Wynne and many more, edited by Los Angeles poet Rick Lupert

      Click here for more and to order

      Neville Hiatt - The Bard from Ballarat

      http://nevillehiatt.com An Australian sharing his love for life through limited edition photographs, poetry in books and on Cd's and a collection of short stories releasing September 7th.

      Ken Head’s new collection, Prospero’s Bowl, is available from www.overstepsbooks.com. Check out the reviews and what editors have been saying via www.kenhead.co.uk.

      The Science Fiction Poetry Association has supported speculative poets & science-fiction, fantasy, and horror poetry since 1978, offering Star*Line magazine, Eye To The Telescope e-zine, Rhysling & Dwarf Stars awards/anthologies, and the new Elgin Award for best spec poetry books. Annual SFPA poetry contest is open to all: deadline Aug. 15.

      Dreams & Nightmares magazine
      speculative poetry since 1986 http://dreamsandnightmaresmagazine.blogspot.com/
      contact David Kopaska-Merkel

      The Ontario Poetry Society
      We Celebrate The Poet In You
      For poetry opportunities, visit www.theontariopoetrysociety.ca
      A poetry-friendly place for everyone

      Voices Israel announces the 25th annual Reuben Rose Poetry Competition.
      40 line limit.
      Submission period: June 15th. - September 15th. 2014
      Full guidelines and submission details at

      The New Short Fiction Series is Los Angeles' longest running spoken word series, presenting the best new voices in West Coast short fiction every second Sunday of the month at The Federal Bar in North Hollywood.  For tickets and program information, visit www.newshortfictionseries.com or call 866-811-4111.  The New Short Fiction Series is a project of The Pasadena Arts Council€™s EMERGE Fiscal Sponsorship Program.

      Books & Shovels was initially a back pack weighed down with books on the back of a youth poet hitchhiking cross country.  Now based out of a station wagon weighed down with hundreds of books and exhibitions of passion, Books & Shovels is hitting the road from the 2014 NYC Poetry Festival to your local street corners, setting up its nonprofit shelves on your sidewalks, at festivals, and open mics.  The goal is to promote Passionate Living over Making A Living, and to do so, we need the assistance of the artistic community with spreading the word / pledging to our IndieGoGo campaign to secure Books & Shovels's launch.  

      LONE STARS Poetry Magazine "We are your Word Window to the World" Publishing Poetry on Paper since 1991
      email: lonestarsmagazine@...
      Milo Rosebud, Editor and Pubublisher
      4219 Flinthill San Antonio, TEXAS 78230

      Instant poetry (just add words!) is now out and available From I universe. Check it out on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com 
      and through the publisher at iUniverse.com get your copy today!

      The News Factory is the third book of poetry and short stories. The common thread throughout this piece is the ode to a part of New York which continues to disappear day by day. The character’s in the poetry are all real and few if any fit in with the gentrification that plaque many of our neighborhoods. Mr. Abuelo’s book is both an ode and love letter to the city he remembered from his youth and the place where he has developed his creativity.


      The Compulsive Reader

      Reviews of books by some of the hottest writers working today, exclusive author interviews, literary news, criticism and giveaways galore and all free. It's a haven for book lovers.


      Publish your book with CreateSpace

      Publish your book with CreateSpace

      Lupert: It's The Website - & - Poetry Super Highway