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14880Live For Me

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  • Debbie Budnick
    Jul 8, 2014

      Live For Me

      all aboard
      ceilings waver and quiver
      demanding answers
      each one of us
      fails to recognize sometimes

      gonna be going places
      head held high
      instantly people talk
      just to make themselves feel good
      kind of like childish behavior

      live my own life for me
      making fun of nobody
      neither for fun or hobby
      opposing views are a given
      perhaps even wanted

      quietness calms the soul
      responding only to a few
      stress is not wanted in my life
      treasure what is real and true
      under the one Heaven up above

      vehicles of the soul 
      will rise up when it is time
      x-rays of your life will follow 
      your move through the present and future
      zen is always a possibility in each of our lives

      Debbie Budnick
      my books: "The Writer Within", "One Road, One Poet", "Mirror of My Thoughts", and "Life Problems" can be found on PublishAmerica.com