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14876Never Give In, Never Give Up

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  • Debbie Budnick
    Jun 23, 2014
      Never Give In, Never Give Up
      by Debbie Budnick

      approaching dark clouds
      breaks over the horizon
      chasing away the sun

      darn it all
      every day it seems to rain
      forever and ever

      gone is the sun
      happy thoughts still here
      igniting my inner self

      jump for joy
      kicking others out of my way

      lick no wounds

      music surrounds my thoughts

      never give in, never give up
      over other people's words

      proclaiming I will always be me
      quiet at times
      rambunctious other times

      stirring only what needs to be
      tightening my own grip
      ultimately gaining ground

      venimous it may seem I am
      waiting not for long to strike
      x-rays looking through a person

      yet it seems
      zooming in on certain things is awesome

      Debbie Budnick
      my books: "The Writer Within", "One Road, One Poet", "Mirror of My Thoughts", and "Life Problems" can be found on PublishAmerica.com