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14870POETRY SUPER HIGHWAY looking for prizes for our summer poetry contest! / Open Reading tomorrow!

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  • Rick Lupert
    May 24, 2014
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      Poetry Super Highway Weekly Newsletter
      Poetry Super Highway
      • PSH Live Open Reading Tomorrow!
        Join us for our monthly online open reading. Call in and read a poem and/or tune in to hear poets read from all over the world. Sunday, May 25, 2pm Pacific. Click here to Listen.

      • Sponsor the 2014 Poetry Super Highway Poetry Contest
        We're looking for prize donations for our 17th annual summer poetry contest. If you'd like to donate, books, subscriptions, services, or anything of specific interested to Poets and Writers in exchange for promotional mention in our classified section and in all contest correspondence for the duration of the contest, please CLICK HERE for all the details.

        If you tried to fill out the contest sponsorship form in the last couple of weeks but didn't receive a confirmation email, please fill out the form again. We had a technical issue which was preventing forms from going through when filled out with certain web browsers. We apologize for the inconvenience and would love your sponsorship!

      PoetrySuperHighway.com | Facebook | Twitter
      Issue # 861 - ISSN: 1523-6587.

      May 26 - June 1, 2014

      this week:


      This week's featured poets are: Ralph Monday and Giuseppi Martino Buonaiuto

      Ralph Monday (Harriman, Tennessee) is an Associate Professor of English at Roane State Community College in Harriman, TN., where he teaches composition, literature, and creative writing courses. In fall 2013 he had poems published in The New Plains Review, New Liberties Review, Fiction Week Literary Review, and was represented as the featured poet with 12 poems in the December issue of Poetry Repairs. In winter 2014 he had poems published in Dead Snakes. Summer 2014 will see a poem in Contemporary Poetry: An Anthology of Best Present Day Poems. His work has appeared in publications such as The Phoenix, Bitter Creek Review, Full of Crow, Impressions, Kookamonga Square, Deep Waters, Jacket Magazine, The New Plains Review, New Liberties Review, Crack the Spine, The Camel Saloon, Dead Snakes, Pyrokinection, and Poetry Repairs. His first book, Empty Houses and American Renditions will be published by Hen House Press in Fall 2014.

      Giuseppi Martino Buonaiuto is the pen name of Joseph M. Buonaiuto who lives in one of those gated, golf-coursed, over-55 lunatic asylums in southern California. He is a former U.S. Coast Guard officer, politician and teacher and holds three graduate degrees including a Masters from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

      Read their work HERE.


      Here are all of the new sites added to the Poetry Super Highway's Poetry and Writing links sections:

      Find thousands more links to poetry and writing websites in our online Link Directory. Click HERE to add your poetry/writing website to our directory.


      Ralph Waldo Emerson Texts
      Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist, poet, and philosopher. This site contains HTML (web-readable) versions of many of Emerson's best-known essays, including a Search function to look for specific words, phrases, or quotations.


      Bakery, the
      The Bakery is an online literary journal that features a new poem every morning, publishing the work of emerging and established voices. The Bakery is interested in representing a wide range of voices and is open to all styles.


      Citrus-Inspired Ceramics by K J Hannah GreenbergCitrus-Inspired Ceramics by K J Hannah Greenberg featured this week in the the Poets of the Week section of the PSH Bookstore

      Hannah Greenberg crafts her poems like a master chef makes a confection. She starts with a perfectly baked crust of theme, be it whimsical or profound; pours in a rich filling of image and story; covers all with a titillating topping, a lush and lascivious whipping of words (read these aloud for sheer joy of the sound). Any one of these poems is the perfect dessert to complete a poetry feast. Read with a double espresso, though; you'll want your eyes wide open, so as not to miss a single, delicious crumb.
      MH Clay, Poetry Editor

      Click here for more and to order

      Paperback, 130 pages, Aldrich Press, September 2013


      PSH LiveWe host a monthly, live, online open reading and other special shows which you can listen to and participate in here: http://poetrysuperhighway.com/psh/psh-live/

      If you can't make the live time, you can also listen to any past show by visiting poetrysuperhighway.com/pshlive.html and clicking on the show's title. (As well as subscribe to all of our shows through iTunes or any other software you use to listen to podcasts.

      Upcoming Shows:

      May 2014 PSH Live Open Reading
      Sunday, May 25 ~ 2:00 pm (pacific) - Tomorrow!
      Join our monthly open reading by calling in to read a poem or just listening to poets from all over the world! No content or style restrictions. Tell us what's going on in your poetry world: Your latest book, an upcoming reading or a call for submissions. Join in!

      Recently Archived broadcasts:

      April 2014 PSH Live Open Reading
      Sunday, April 27
      A fine show this month featuring poets reading their poetry from Hollywood (or "Hollywood Babylon"), California, New Britain, Connecticut, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, Birmingham, Alabama and Westerville, Ohio. (A fine poem from a forthcoming "Letters From the Amish" collection.) Check it out in the archive!

      April (But Really Late March) 2014 PSH Live Open Reading
      Sunday, March 30
      Great show this month which opened with legendary L.A. poet and Carma Bum S.A. Griffin who read a poem and told us all about his Poetry Bomb project. We also had poetry from Lake Forest, CA, Birmingham, Alabamaa, Westerville, Ohio and Los Angeles, California. We closed with a spoken word track from beloved and missed poet Wanda Coleman. Check out the whole show in the archive!

      Poetry Super Highway Live would love to host your reading, interview, contest promotion or other poetry/writing related show. Please e-mail your show idea to Rick@..., and we'll take it from there.

      For information on placing Poetry Related classifieds ads on the Poetry Super Highway web page and weekly e-mail outburst, send an e-mail to: classifieds@...


      3rd year. $1,000 top prize in each category. $3,000 in total prizes. Submit stories and essays on sports-related themes.

      Each work may have up to 6,000 words. Both published and unpublished work are welcome. All entries that win cash prizes will be published on WinningWriters.com (nearly one million page views per year) and announced in the Winning Writers Newsletter, with over 50,000 subscribers.

      Fee is $16 per entry. Submit online by May 31. Final judge: Jendi Reiter. Guidelines and online submission at http://www.winningwriters.com/sports

      Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/winningwriters

      In Transit: Poetry of People on the MovePOETRY ANTHOLOGY & CONTEST
      Final Week

      Accepting Poetry Submissions for a 95+ page Anthology, 'In Transit: Poetry of People on the Move'.

      The theme is open to a wide interpretation; what does it mean to you?

      The Deadline for Submission is May 31st, 2014. 

      Visit www.bordertownpress.com for details.


      VERSE-VIRTUAL (http://www.verse-virtual.com) is a showcase for the work of a small group of outstanding poets. Since its inception, last January, we have had ten members. Now we are increasing that number to eighteen. So, there are EIGHT openings. If, after you have visited the site and have read both the published poetry and the ABOUT page, you think you might be a good candidate for membership (it’s free), please submit FOUR poems and a brief bio to ff@.... We are looking for persons who will fit in with the aesthetic style and special persona of Verse-Virtual. If you have any questions, just use the CONTACT form on the Verse-Virtual website. PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT looking for poetry with offensive language or explicit content of any kind. Both formal and free-verse poetry are welcome. Short poems (no more than approximately forty lines) are generally preferred. This ad will run for four weeks. We will try to respond to you asap after receiving and evaluating all submissions.

      ...Alex M. Frankel reading at the Second Sunday Poetry Series in Pasadena

      Birth Mother Mercy by Alex Frankel

      This is Alex M. Frankel's first full-length poetry collection, available now from Lummox Press, www.lummoxpress.com/lc/birth-mother-mercy. It is a book about maternal abandonment and betrayal and loss lightened with a few limericks and a bit of satire. Judith Hall has written, about Frankel's recent chapbook, My Father's Lady, Wearing Black: "Alex M. Frankel reminds us, in sizzling poems gathered here, that grief, in its fervor, if actually full, works against the grain of loss. Such contradictory intensities enthrall and also serve, at least in Frankel's hands, as a kind of American catharsis—more violent than pure."

      ...Alex M. Frankel reading at the Second Sunday Poetry Series in Pasadena

      SECOND SUNDAY POETRY SERIES in Los Angeles - New Venue! This open mic poetry reading series, hosted by Alex M. Frankel, takes place on the second Sunday of every month at the Studio Theatre At St Denis Building (3433 Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles 90068). Great poets are featured. They perform their work, sell and sign books and mingle with audience members and open mic participants. Admission is free.

      Next reading: Sunday, June 8, 2014 - 5 pm. Featuring poet Robert Krut and Cassandra Dallett. For more about the series please email alexmfrankel2000@... The Studio Theatre At St Denis Building is located at 3433 Cahuenga Blvd, in Los Angeles 90068. Check out website, search for "Second Sunday Poetry"


      POETRY Workshop of ten years duration now inviting new members. BRING ten copies of one original poem to each session for analysis and helpful suggestions. Located in the Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, 681 Venice Blvd, in Venice, we are the Saturday Afternoon Poetry Workshop. Facilitated by Bob Foster and Alex M. Frankel. Every Saturday 1:30 to 4:30 pm. Participation is free. Contact alexmfrankel2000@... or Robert Foster, 323 848-9671.

      Poets, Writers, Dreamers...

      DREAM QUEST ONE POETRY & WRITING CONTEST is open to anyone who loves expressing their innermost thoughts and feelings into the beautiful literary art of poetry and/or writing a story that is worth telling everyone.

      Guidelines: (1) Write a poem, thirty lines or fewer on any subject, form or style. And/or (2) Write a short story five pages maximum length, single or double line spacing, on any subject or theme, fiction or non-fiction. Multiple entries are accepted.

      Prizes: Writing First Prize is $500; Second: $250; Third: $100. Poetry First Prize: $250; Second: $125; Third: $50.

      Entry fees: $5 per poem/$10 per story.

      Postmark deadline: July 31, 2014

      How to enter, visit: http://www.dreamquestone.com

      Nothing in New England is New by Rick LupertNothing in New England is New: The Poet’s Experiences in New England, America

      “Rick Lupert is a writer’s chef. He used to be a writer’s writer. Tomorrow he could be dead. You will be pleased at the way he masterfully sees something and then somehow manages to find a piece of paper and then write down something that is in no way reflective of what he truly saw. He is like a liar and a simile. If you want to laugh, there’s this book or anything on NBC pre-1986.” ~ Derrick Brown

      Nothing in New England is New is Rick Lupert’s 15th collection of poetry and latest in his poetic travelogue series. This edition takes you through such exotic American locations as Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Salem, Boston and Plymouth, Massachusetts, and Providence Rhode Island where they set the river on fire. Ride with Lupert’s trademark wit down the highways of New England. Unexpected turns will be taken, Ekphrastic Observations will be made. You will laugh. You will question your own underwear. You will want to set your local river on fire. As always, clothing is optional. (200 Pages, Ain’t Got No Press, March 2013)

      Learn more about Nothing in New England is New, read sample poems and get your own copy here.

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      Ekphrastia Gone Wild: Poems inspired by art - edited by Rick Lupert Ekphrastia Gone Wild: poems inspired by art edited by Rick Lupert

      Ekphrastia Gone Wild (Ain’t Got No Press, July, 2013) is an anthology of ekphrastic poetry – poetry inspired by other works of art (including painting, film, literature, photography and more) including work by Nobel Prize winning poet Wislawa Szymborska along with a roster of 87 poets from all over the world including Suzanne Lummis, Laurel Ann Bogen, Jerry Quickly, Brendan Constantine, Gerald Locklin, Robert Wynne and many more, edited by Los Angeles poet Rick Lupert

      Click here for more and to order

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      Lupert: It's The Website - & - Poetry Super Highway