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14862Reflections Of An Individual

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  • Debbie Budnick
    May 1, 2014
      searching within 
      for something, for anything,
      to grab a hold of

      is it selfish 
      to want something
      within oneself
      to hold, to feel,
      to grasp

      but wait
      look into the mirror
      which is inside
      the mind
      the soul
      the being

      there it is
      that something
      to grab a hold of
      to feel
      to know
      it is tangible and real
      it is worthy of everything true
      it is worthy of everything and anything

      there it is
      look into the mirror
      the reflections shine and are loving
      the mind, the soul, the being
      are yours, an individual
      worthy of everything and anything
      you want you to be

      the mirror reflects an individual
      be that individual you want to be

      Debbie Budnick
      my books: "The Writer Within", "One Road, One Poet", "Mirror of My Thoughts", and "Life Problems" can be found on PublishAmerica.com