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14853new poem: Streams of Consciousness

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  • mel campos
    Apr 1 7:24 PM
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      After listening to music from B-Tribe and browsing through some Zentangle and Doodling books I came up with the following poem:

      Streams of Consciousness

      open eyed soul
      clothed in numbing brine
      beaming beyond horizon’s
      pathway of doodling line

      interlocking spheres
      orbs bouncing in space
      diamonds and stars
      outlining a continuous place

      circulating movement
      fills the deafening mind
      shadows flicker still
      leaving a love bitter in kind

      waves fluster about
      crashing against rocky shore
      returning once again
      through destiny’s scribbly door

      patterning of hearts
      fading into distance yon
      streams of consciousness
      travel far away till it’s gone

      © 1 April 2014 MahTame
      "The earth has music for those who listen"
      William Shakespeare