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14852Belief in Myself

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  • Debbie Budnick
    Apr 1, 2014
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      Belief in Myself

      words become tangled
      within my thoughts

      trying to describe
      pictures seen
      inside my head

      oh so difficult
      when pictures flash radically

      calm down
      be patient
      I just have to believe
      in myself
      not just here and there

      words still tangled
      kind of mangled
      within my thoughts
      among the flashing pictures
      inside my head

      wanting words
      but today
      the clouds have moved in
      to stay for a bit
      wrecking havoc
      with believing in myself

      yet I know
      the belief is inside of me
      I just have to reach in
      and grab it

      no matter what
      nobody at all
      will take my belief in myself
      away from me

      Debbie Budnick
      my books: "The Writer Within", "One Road, One Poet", "Mirror of My Thoughts", and "Life Problems" can be found on PublishAmerica.com