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14811Poem: no more...no more

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  • mel campos
    Nov 5, 2013
      no more, no more

      forgotten memories
      that were
      buried deep
      the shadowy mind
      light seeps
      here and there
      while swaying to and fro
      in the branches of life
      winded boughs shake
      rattling and tossing
      leaves up and down like
      dancing silhouettes
      that twist and turn
      darkness embraces the light
      from the dawn of a somber
      misty morn till it falls asleep
      after the gray dusk blackens

      no more will we fight against
      the ravages of a bullying wind

      no more will we be thrashed
      upon a rocky shore like turbulent woes

      no more will we fall into the darkness
      of the abyss of a depressed soul


      (c)Copyright 04 November 2013

      "The earth has music for those who listen"
      William Shakespeare