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14706Re: [poetry_speaks] warning, has a cuss word in this POEM.

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  • Eric Battles
    Jul 8 8:06 PM
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      Deep, loved it. Even though a few of mine have more than one.
      On Sun, Jul 8, 2012 7:59 PM CDT mel campos wrote:

      >Don’t want to feel the Pain

      >Hate it when I feel the pain
      >Something is amiss, yet the
      >Silence speaks volumes
      >Wish I didn’t sense these things
      >Break the soul once again
      >Numb till beyond eternity
      >It’s the fucking emptiness
      >A void that sickens the heart
      >Cut it off and make it go away!
      >Reach inside; no more please!
      >Walls of poisonous solitude
      >Seeping upon a weeping soul
      >Burn her deeply; repetitious
      >Cruel, insensitive gestures
      >This is not love, this is not you!

      >©Copyright 8 July 2012

      >"The earth has music for those who listen"

      >William Shakespeare


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