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14640True Love

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  • Debbie Budnick
    Dec 1, 2011

      True Love

      tenderly wrapped
      around my heart
      with care
      and compassion

      the love of my life
      has come to me
      with arms wide open
      and kindness
      in his soul
      and being
      for me

      I too
      love him dearly
      with all my heart,
      soul, and being
      from now
      and forever,
      for the rest of our life's
      for the rest of eternity

      forever he will be
      in my heart
      and in my life

      I totally love you honey
      from the deepest depths
      of my heart and soul

      Debbie Budnick

      my books: "The Writer Within", "One Road, One Poet", and "Mirror of My Thoughts" can be found on PublishAmerica.com