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  • hasrat hazeen
    Feb 1, 2011
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      --- On Tue, 2/1/11, HAZEEN HASRAT <hhasrat@...> wrote:

      From: HAZEEN HASRAT <hhasrat@...>
      Subject: KOREANS IN KASHMIR,
      To: "KASHMIR GLOBAL" <kashmir-global-network@yahoogroups.com>, "BILAL DR" <scientificalternative@...>, "hazeen hasrat" <hazeen_hasrat@...>
      Date: Tuesday, February 1, 2011, 4:43 AM

                                      KOREANS IN KASHMIR,
                                        Drum,,Call to all,
                                             Wake up ,
                                         Oh Neighbours,
                                   We understood the policy,
                                          US not helper,
                                          UN not listener,
                                     We appear in this city,
                                        City of Lal Chowk,
                                        Awearness for all,
                                             Wake up,
                                           Don,t trust,
                                       Not to compromise,
                                  Ask only what is your right,
                                    Right to self determination
                                           is your right,
                                   Drum,,We are Koreans,
                                       Central of Asia,
                                        If US and UN,
                                   Will not accept of your
                                  Then let them see Kashmir
                                      will be danger for all,
                                         Necular war ,
                                  Kashmir will be the central
      @01/02/2011 copy right by hazeen hasrat