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13852The Mathematics of the Mundane

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  • Tommy
    Oct 1, 2010
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      With Pythagorean precision the children of the discipline listen and learn
      The Euclidian Mystery calls out only to the children of the doctrine
      They ponder its meaning
      They gather and sow
      They strive to understand … they conceal … they disclose
      The wit and the wisdom of the wicked and the wise
      Fools bound on high swing this way and that
      Universal pendulums sway to and fro ever unable to find the perpendicular
      The sub-linear mind seeks the perfect point of mediocrity
      While masters of perspective seek only the isometric wonder of center
      In the circle of life
      In the vacuum of time and space the conspiracy of nature is expel the emptiness
      In the vacuum of time and space the conspiracy of
      nature is to equalize the experience
      In the vacuum of time and space the conspiracy of nature is to fill the void
      Far beyond the rational of the sub-linear mind
      The fools bound on high in ignorance still sway to and fro
      Marinating the motion … the enigma of energy
      Creating the pattern … creating the balance … dividing the divinity
      Defining the duality with the diagonals of destiny
      The nature of seduction defines darkness and daylight
      Maintaining the motion, the enigma of energy
      draws in the darkness the first mystic rose
      So begins the solstice of seduction
      The tsunami of stupidity
      The Equinox of hypocrisy
      We beg for the wages of wisdom while seeking the sincerity of science
      In the temple of deceit we unearth the answers to long forgotten questions
      Textbook theologians blunt the wonders of thought
      Textbook theologians bludgeon imagination and intuition
      They kneel before the alter of their certainty
      Celebrating the celibacy of the singular mind
      Celebrating the certainty of their covenant of conviction
      Standing in the center of the circle of life
      Dividing the span between good and evil
      Dividing the span between the wicked and the wise
      Dividing the span between darkness and light
      Dividing and defining the glories of the cosmic experience
      Creating the mathematics used to measure the mundane

      Copyright 2010
      all rights reserved

      Tom Higens
      (AKA) T. Crawford - Crawfprd
      The Illiterate Author

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