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13543Re: [poetry_speaks] I am worth more

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  • mel campos
    Jul 1, 2010
      Yes Hazeen, not hide what I am, I am learning to not hide, and acknowledge and accept that I am worth more than what I had before...melanie

      ~until we meet again~ 
      Kiowa Nation

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      Subject: Re: [poetry_speaks] I am worth more
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      Date: Thursday, July 1, 2010, 1:53 AM

      Dear Mel,,

      So strong appealing one,,,,

                                           Yes,,you are worth more,
                                           But not hide what you are,


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      Subject: [poetry_speaks] I am worth more



      I’m not a fast-paced chick

      Nor a tease to suit a whim

      Lustful desires are temporary

      Your scoring chances are slim!


      Don’t give me false charm

      And hide behind curtains of lies

      Compliments made of vanity

      Are selfish motives in disguise!


      You can think I’m a stuck up

      Or even a prude; been taken

      Down roads of repulsive flattery

      Best to be conscious and awaken!


      From bottomless pits I’ve arisen

      Walls built up of iron and stone

      To protect the wounded soul

      Egoists, I’ll no longer condone!


      Don’t want to be used or abused

      Morals 'n values are what I treasure

      As the lessons I’ve come to learn

      To understand that I am worth more!


      ©Copyright 30 June 2010; MahTame



      Hey-gyah-ahm- boy-taw
      ~until we meet again~ 
      Kiowa Nation

      I am worth more

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