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12890Goodbye For Now, Dear Aunt Margaret

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  • mel campos
    Dec 1, 2009

    Goodbye For Now, Dear Aunt Margaret


    As the sun sets

    Over the red stone earth

    Tis time to say goodnight

    While the day leaves its girth


    Stars are ready to

    Appear in its vastness

    Tis time to say goodbye

    To the reds, pinks, ‘n yellows


    Prairie winds caress

    Autumnal countryside

    Tis time to bring in the moon

    While the day begins to reside


    A calming peace

    Begins to reign in the land

    Tis time for tranquility

    Where our ancestors worked by hand


    Good bye for now, Dear Aunt Margaret

    It’s as if you’ve gone to rest for only awhile

    Tis a saddened time as we bid adieu

    To the journey you walked in this life’s mile


    ©Copyright 01 December 2009



    In Memory of Margaret Ann Paddelty Lewis

    Hey-Gyah Ahm-Boy-Taw
    ~until we meet again or
    until I see you again~~
    Kiowa Nation