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12775Pokie and her Mushroom Man

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  • mel campos
    Nov 1, 2009
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    Pokie and her Mushroom Man


    in the robotic fields of yore

    when once upon a times existed

    lived a lovely, demure maiden

    with midnight hair thrown and twisted


    bonbons and nuts of corn

    were a part of her delicacies

    she consumed day and night

    while dancing to whatever suited her fancies


    tunes of her native descent

    would fade into the deep heavens

    to be overcome by immense stirrings

    while listening to Steve Val’s ‘touching tongues’


     what destinies are beholden

    for a love, she, “Pokie” began

    whence alighting upon the blue water,

    scented charm of the ‘Mushroom Man’


    dwelling in imaginations yon

    unto the depths of the mind

    completely engulfed there in, of

    two lovers embraced and intertwined


    he, of mysterious descent

    able bodied gent of the land

    exuded warmth and affection

    from such amorous kiss upon her hand


    wherein the land of dreams

    love ne’er needs a shiny key

    to open what has not been shut

    between the Mushroom Man, and his Pokie



    ©Copyright 01 November 2009




    Dedicated to my Kiowa Sister: Susan’Pokie’ Kaulay





    Hey-Gyah Ahm-Boy-Taw
    ~until we meet again or
    until I see you again~~
    Kiowa Nation

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