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11780I Miss Feeling You

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  • Smoothe Lyric
    Dec 1, 2008

      I Miss Feeling You


      I miss your lips in laughter the ambiguous way you laugh at your own jokes and keep me smiling at the surrealism of it all

      I miss your eyes and the way you find it irresistible to not look into my depth and feel my passion enraging for your stare for your glimpse into my internal indignation and rest upon my imagination as if it were your own

      I miss your touch so soft and gentle the way you handle my inferno leaving me to sigh ferociously against your throat with moans of love and tender caressings I bow to your traditions of teaching me to lean into your emotions like tall pussy-willows against the wind I feel your sensitivity prey against my own kissing it with fevered delight

      Your furor becomes my tongue tasting of your sensuality feeding my frenzy and aiding your own inferno to become engorged against my thighs I relax into the knowing the being the imagined enthusiasm to overwhelm me with kisses all over my want my yearning descending into an abysmal cyclone of yearning

      Your fingertips I miss so badly I climb into a lascivious lunacy for your mental for your stroke your caress your light brushings of my flesh

      My eyes close and imagine your body on top of mine looking into my idiocy feeling my conflagration covet into a magnificent longing to be tasted to be savored

      I capitulate to your demand to know me inside to feel my soul fuse into a yielding only you can have me articulate

      You touch me and my body twitches and moans screaming into a mouth of sexual bliss as you appease every rage with a nibble a caress a raking somberly leaving me aghast with such a temptation to ravage your soul till I taste your familiar I need you so deep inside of me that my core reaches out to touch your rebirth I need to have you taste every single damn wave and trickle of honey you make me turn out I am so near out of control composure I suck your lip for a life raft and feel you generate your power from my damn dismantling of sanity. I need to feel you

      See sometimes I miss you so much the aching in my soul feels like open pits of hell hungry and searching for that food that only one can provide my carnivorous need to feel you inside of me grinding and bucking making me arch into a deep submission while our fingers entwine as I relinquish all control into an orgasm that you design

      My tears become the Nile washing us both with sacrifice to perfect completion and contentment with the way we make love

      I feel my body float out of existence never feeling more alive than when you take me I realize now that when I miss you I feel your spirit connect with mine in ways I defy

      I ignore every calm sense of what we are supposed to be and lay like a fall leaf between sheets of imaginings of you and memories of how I feel when you conquer my hatred of being serene within your seduction

      A stillness between worlds leads us both into remembrance of a kiss that started it all and a never-ending wave of complete and utter passion to distinctly keep such touches and kisses between my lips and the lips I miss

      I miss feeling you I miss touching you my body agitated with want….I shudder to think what lifetime torture I would endure if I miss you more than I do right now…..only love is this powerful…..


      Copyright 2008© MentalCopulation

      Love is an open universe to be explored and adorned.  Heartache is yet but another space to explore and experience. Love is free will not the fault of others who don't know how to explore your universe.  Only you control the travellers....choose wisely.  Lyric Speaks