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1The Dreamer

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  • Ed Wolverton
    Jun 2, 2006
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      I wish the world
      to see the wonders
      of my eyes,
      as I seal the words
      that feel my heart to speak.
       I am the dreamer of my dreams
      and see forever such powerful things.
      I will my words to speak the dreams,
      and gift my thoughts
      to other things.
      I long for love
      that speaks my soul content,
      the words I lent
      of yesterdays
      To dream the visions
      I had to die,
      and come back again
      From the fog
      of sorrow,
      I saw the dreams
      that came to me,
      and wondered of
      this vision.
      A dream
      from a dreamer,
      who tells the secrets of life.
      Who feels the love
      of words,
      pulsating in his brain.
      Raining thoughts upon thoughts,
      and wisdom draining his eyes
      as he cried
      for what he had seen.
      Again, to dream of the morrow
      and joy to fill all needs,
      where life comes
      and death be not known
      a mortal man would know.
      The dreamer
      dreams the world away.
      The dreamer
      casts shadows
      of tomorrows past.
      The dreamer
      lives forever,
      in all of us.

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