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  • gen_augustus_mellon
    Jul 8, 2014

      If I may "Y Nott?" 


      Brewer's challenge runs through the 20th, and there are a number of poets there who are very encouraging... (not to mention poems to "study" to see how others approach the idea...)

      Also, I've found it a "relaxing" challenge - I take each word from a line I like (or "discover" during the day), and put it on a line of it's own, and look for what thoughts or images might connect them.

      Being a bit of a "form geek" I try for common syllable counts, but I've seen a couple laid out as haiku and/or tanka, so it's not really all that "limiting"~

      In any event, it IS kinda fun to see what comes from it all...

      And thank you, Ma' am, for your kind words... as always, you're most encouraging and kind...


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