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  • G. Smith
    Jul 7, 2014
      Taking the Poetic Asides Golden Shovel Challenge

      AM I PAST?
      G. Smith
      I don't know what to say;
      I don't like how "goodbye"
      leaves me with nothing to
      remember but blackeyed
      peas and lazy Susans
      and how our nights turn'd long,
      dark, and cold as the sea.
      From the opening line of Jill Bialosky's AMERICAN PASTORAL:
      "Say goodbye to blackeyed Susans, long sea
      "grasses..." (FYI, the first word of the second line - for clarity, more or less)

      Also I pulled my title from hers: AMerIcan PASToral

      G. Smith
      Here we are, you and I,
      looking back on what was.
      With the meter running
      I stop the cab, lean in,
      the window and see the
      future with our muddy
      feelings in the twilight.
      From the opening line of Pier Paolo Paslini's RUNNING IN THE MUDDY TWILIGHT:
      "I was running in the muddy twilight..."

      G. Smith
      So, not wanting to wake
      you till the sun comes up,
      I ease out of bed to
      the kitchen, where I find
      the sink full. I let out
      the water, knowing that
      I do these things for you
      without your knowing. Are
      there things you do with the
      quiet times, when my eyes
      are elsewhere with sights of
      what should be; the good, the
      better, the best, our world.?
      From Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia's chorus to the song EYES OF THE WORLD:
      "...Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world..."


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