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  • poemoftheday@yahoogroups.com
    Jul 1 1:26 AM
      Welcome members. Thank you for posting your or reading our poetry here.


      1.) Please invite your friends to join us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/poemoftheday
      2.) You must not insult or talk about other members. You must not call other members or members of their families' names.
      3.) You must not post religious devotionals, insult other religions, etc..
      4.) You must not post entire Bible verses. You may note a chapter and verse so that others can look it up.
      5.) You must not post pornographic, sexual material, political commentary/quotes, or off-color language (including curse words).
      6.) You must not post anything that does NOT relate to the purpose of this club such as advertising, soliciting, riddles, jokes, etc.
      7.) Don't spam others. If you do, your message will be deleted indefinitely, with NO warning whatsoever.
      8.) All profiles are to have your real name.

      Again, thank you for being a member of this group.
      If you have any questions regarding what is appropriate, please contact
      Jan (ruth@...)

      *NOTE* Rules are subject to change.
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