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5723Friendship's Release

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  • ruthnott@bellsouth.net
    Jun 26, 2014

      This one wrote itself while I was sewing quilt blocks on Tuesday.


      Friendship’s Release


      Friends will come and friends will go

      And sometimes there’s nothing left to show

      Of loyalty, fairness and devotion. 

      Friendships are a lot like love affairs.

      You fall in deep and might not be aware

      That the other is feeling a totally different emotion. 

      Months go by or maybe years

      before your eyes open and begin to clear

      And you wonder why such a big commotion 

      Over little things you once accepted as “everyday”

      And thought of them only as just “their way,”

      But now irritate and seem to point to your own promotion 

      Of distance and escape and a little peace

      And the tide is turning towards friendship’s release

      As the storm clouds clear o’er a tranquil ocean.

      ©2014 by Ruth Y. Nott