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  • G. Smith
    Jun 2, 2014
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      One of the new words this year is “Kurine (noun) : poetry written in twenty lines”…

      And so I thought I’d attempt to use the word by attempting the word’s definition…
      G. Smith
      Gray storm clouds drift in, one by one,
      And start to crowd the summer sun,
      A sudden breeze stirs up the trees,
      And loose leaves scatter, on the run.

      Temperature drops a few degrees;
      The darkened sky just guarantees
      The rain will come before too long
      While blue sky only serves to tease.

      Thunder rumbles low and strong,
      Interrupting birds mid-song,
      The golden looks up, wags his tail,
      I scratch his ears, say, “Nothing’s wrong.”

      But then there comes the sound of hail,
      Followed by rain poured pail by pail,
      And suddenly I find my gaze
      Rushes back from that distant gale.

      How we stumble through our days,
      How we choose what goes, what stays,
      Never ceases to amaze.
      Families grieve in different ways;
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