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5712Catching up 5-28-14 Prompt

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  • ruthnott@bellsouth.net
    Jun 1, 2014
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      5-28-14 - Use a new(er) word in a poem. 

      Merriam-Webster recently added 150 new terms to its collegiate dictionary, including 

      • tweep, 
      • hashtag, 
      • selfie, 
      • unfriend, 
      • paywall,
      • big data, 
      • social networking, 
      • and more.

      Click on the following link for definitions...



      I did sign up for Twitter

      But I don’t think I’m a tweep.

      I have a house full of e-waste

      And narry a broom to sweep.

      Maybe if I tried some gamification

      My housekeeping skills would bloom

      Or perhaps a little crowdfunding

      Could pay a maid to clean my rooms!

      I don’t know the reason for hashtags

      But perhaps it’s to garner #attention

      To your latest selfie photograph

      Or some brand new digital invention.

      The computer age marches on

      I can’t stop it, don’t you see?

      The big data keeps on growing

      Without any help from me!

      ©2014 by Ruth Y. Nott