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5554Ruth posting for Jan Jordan

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  • RUTH
    Jan 30, 2014
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      A NEW DAY 12/01/06 rewritten

      Letting go of life's worldly habits,
      I go to church on the new Sabbath.
      I place my life in him today.
      No temptations stand in my way.
      Jesus died for the sins I have.
      For this much I am forever glad.
      He provides the gift of love.
      Thank you for that, my Father above.
      Jesus frees me out of death and sin,
      and He smiles while asking, "Where have you been?'
      Today I run boldly the good race.
      He covers me with His shielding grace.
      As I rely on His promises using the Word as my sword,
      I look forward to eternal life forever with my Lord.

      Copyright 2006
      By Jan Jordan
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