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5547Re: Ruth posting for Bob Gotti

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  • Bonko
    Jan 19, 2014
      I really like these though I lack faith.

      very nice and well written

      --- In poemoftheday@yahoogroups.com, "RUTH" wrote:
      > Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
      > Tomorrow may be a day away, but will be just like today,
      > Another day to live for Christ, in this moment we call life,
      > Another day to follow God, led by Christ's staff and rod,
      > A day similar in every way, to that one we call yesterday.
      > For time, they're all cast, as present, future and the past,
      > The present is the day we live, often spoken of as a gift,
      > With the future yet to be, which, shall extend into eternity,
      > And behind us is the past, that time where memories last.
      > Though the past is behind, memories bring it to our mind,
      > Of that time we first believed, and the Savior we received,
      > Much of God we didn't know, so the Lord helped us grow,
      > While learning to live this life, for The Savior, Jesus Christ.
      > In the present God uses us, all who belong to Christ Jesus,
      > As our life for God is unfurled, as His witness in this world,
      > Being a voice for God's Word, to a world that hasn't heard,
      > The Truth in God's Revelation, leading to His only salvation.
      > Once in Christ they do believe, Eternal Life they will receive,
      > Life beyond this present time, all ordered by God's Design,
      > As He leads us in tomorrow, in all that joy, pain and sorrow,
      > To a future with Jesus Christ, beyond today into eternal life.
      > (Copyright ©11/2013 Bob Gotti)
      > This Present Life
      > This present life's for God's Glory, not for my own human story,
      > God has my interests at heart, so from His plan I needn't depart,
      > My life was written in ages past, as my life in His book was cast,
      > As God above ordered my life; leading me to know Jesus Christ.
      > Life my friend, is God's to give, so for my Savior, this day I live,
      > That life too, God can take away, this friend, may be even today,
      > Tomorrow's promised to no one, so today, I must serve the Son,
      > Serving my Savior, to His praise, while I live out my earthly days.
      > This, as God fulfills His plan, in my life and the life of every man,
      > For the Author of each and every life, is The Savior, Jesus Christ,
      > Who moves in the hearts of men, seeking many to be born again,
      > Born Again, by the Spirit of God, to live a new life on earth's sod.
      > With my present life but a mist, it's more than a privilege to enlist,
      > That, into the army of The Lord, with a new life that He will afford,
      > A new life, as The Lord leads me, along my path towards eternity,
      > Enlisted by The Spirit of Christ, to serve Him as a living sacrifice.
      > As I journey through this time, my Lord grants me peace of mind,
      > Knowing that I shall return to dust, in The Savior, I place my trust,
      > So, as I serve The Lord down here, death, for me, I need not fear,
      > For around this life's final bend, is eternal life for me, with no
      > (Copyright ©08/2013 Bob Gotti)
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