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  • Grace Andersen
    Jan 4, 2014
      Your poems are wonderful Ruth.  Thanks for sending them. I have to confess that I haven't written anything lately, but I like receiving the prompts. 

      I would be better writing one poem a day and then I would have something to show for my day, but I spend time so many things that it's seems that only once in a while, I complete something.   I have a simple shelves I am half done with..rain stoped me from getting wood to finish.  I want to make a table for LR to put plants on in front of window and I've been thinking the easiest and best way to do it.  Now I have to figure wood and get it. I have a watercolor picture I've started and haven't got back to... I have driftwood, shells and tissue paper I want to do something with and every day it's something new. 

      I was gone camping and then south to family Xmas.  Time out of plans.  I've ordered Quilting Arts magazine and no telling what I will see there when I start getting it.  Oh well, it makes life busy and fun. 

      It would be fun to secretly post the Walmart poem at Walmart. "My arms are open, just come step inside."  Have you ever thought about trying to sell some poems to a card company?  I have..  Or even doing your own sets of cards.  Illustrate yourself or use photos.  My cousin often sends me cards by two men.  One is the artist and the other writes poems about nature, wildlife, etc.  I can never think of a picture for a poem.  I can't rest my brain enough to let it come to me.

      Take care, Grace
      From: RUTH <ruthnott@...>
      To: poemoftheday@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, January 1, 2014 11:42 AM
      Subject: [poemoftheday] Catching Up... Again!
      I'm trying to start the New Year off right by catching up on some of the prompts I've missed during 2013.

      11-6-13 - write a poem from the perspective of a person who either works at and/or visits a place you like to visit (someone other than yourself). For instance: a fry chef at the Krusty Krab, a bouncer at a nightclub, a waitress at a restaurant, etc.

      Take This Job and Shove It! (Walmart cashier)

      Why can't these people count?
      It says "20 Items or Less!"
      Yet 30 or 40 will come across…
      I'm frustrated, I must confess.
      I stand on my feet for hours
      I'm tired and my back aches.
      I wait and wait for my relief.
      It's past time for my break!
      I can't get the schedule I want.
      My kids miss me at home.
      I can't afford a sitter;
      But, I can't leave them alone.
      Life is hard for a single mom.
      New problems arise each day,
      And I would not be doing this work
      If there was any other way!
      So take this job and shove it
      Up where the sun don't shine;
      And if you don't you'll just hear me
      Continue my work-a-day whine!


      11-16-13 - write a half-way poem. The poem might deal with a half-way point in time. Or perhaps, a place in the dead center of here and there–in a physical sense. Even a compromise on terms in a negotiation can work.

      Stuck in the middle
      Halfway between birth and death –
      Mid-life crisis!


      11-17-13 - , write an element poem. Maybe an element from the periodic table (hydrogen, oxygen, etc.). Maybe an element of surprise?!? Or a missing element, which could refer to a person, tool, or poem. Run wild with it.

      "It's elemental Mr. Watson,"
      Sherlock Holmes used to say
      The basic facts of any case
      May lead you all the way.
      So look closely at the details
      Try to see what's hidden from view.
      Look into the mind of the criminal
      And let the scene talk to you.

      (Continued in the next prompt)

      11-18-13 - , write a "forget what I said earlier" poem. This poem could be a response to a poem you wrote earlier in the challenge (or just earlier in general). Or it could cover one of those moments–I have them all the time–when you say something that ends up proving wrong or that you wish you'd taken back

      (Continued from previous prompt)

      Now forget what I said earlier
      And think outside the box.
      Sometimes the basics may lead you astray
      And you find your way has been blocked.
      There's a secret message within each clue
      A code that you must break,
      And whatever you do to solve the case,
      You do for the victim's sake.


      11-27-13 - , write a local poem.

      By local, I'm thinking of something that happens or has happened in your neck of the woods, but you know, I'm never against poets bending and/or breaking my rules.

      Local News

      The local news is far from new
      When it comes but once a week.
      A lot can happen in seven days
      Which we should have known right away!
      So give me the big city paper
      With its daily report of events.
      Its timely news keeps us informed
      And allows us to plan out our days.

      (With compliments to hardisonink.com, our rural online news team)


      11-28-13 - write a bird poem. Pick a bird, any bird, and write a poem about it.
      Or just write a poem that happens to have a bird somewhere in it.

      I've already written one poem for this prompt, but here's another:

      Hunger driven
      Colorful combatants –
      Hummingbirds feed


      11-26-13 - 1. Take the phrase "Free (blank),"replace the blank with a word or phrase make the new phrase the title of your poem,and then, write your poem.

      Example titles might include:
      "Free Bird,"
      "Freedom Isn't Free,"
      "Free Offer," etc.

      Free Hugs

      My arms are open wide
      Just come and step inside!


      12-31-13 - And at midnight last night I wrote a New Year poem. ( I am always impressed by the number of people who come out in below freezing weather and spend all day filling Times Square to watch the b all drop!)

      the ball drops
      and spirits rise
      to meet the New Year
      in anticipation

      All poems above © 2013 by Ruth Y. Nott

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