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5444Response to Ruth's 9-1-13 Prompt

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  • RUTH
    Sep 1, 2013
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      9-1-13 Two prompts from Ruth

      1. Write about what you did this summer

      Sat indoors,
      To avoid the heat,
      Ate some S'mores,
      Kept the lawn neat,
      Watched it rain
      And rain some more,
      Wondered what next
      God had in store,
      Went to church,
      Prayed a lot,
      Went to Walmart,
      Sometimes forgot,
      Wrote some poems
      But just a few,
      Made some quilts,
      That's nothing new…
      Scratched the dogs,
      Had a chat,
      Learned to knit
      And made a hat,
      And as September
      Comes a-knockin',
      I sit on my porch
      Slowly rockin',
      Looking back
      On days of yore,
      While looking forward
      To so much more!

      2. Write about impending Autumn

      Fading Summer

      I can feel it in the air,
      The humidity is falling,
      Temperatures are dropping bit by bit.

      Even now the leaves are dropping
      And the date is not yet here
      Somehow the timing's off – it doesn't fit.

      Yet autumn just won't wait
      On our calendars and timing.
      The squirrels and the birds all know it's due.

      So I'll sit me down tonight
      And say farewell to fading summer
      As impending autumn grows in tone and hue.

      © 2013 by Ruth Y. Nott