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5443Ruth's prompt for 9-1-13

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  • RUTH
    Sep 1, 2013
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      I'm sorry folks that I've neglected posting my prompts lately. As you may know my desktop computer died a few months ago. Now I've finally gotten around to replacing it and I'm struggling this last week learning how to operate within the Windows 8 structure. Getting older doesn't help you to understand new things. Things which I used to be able to understand and do quickly now take not hours, but days to accomplish. Bear with me and I'll try to get back on track now.

      I'm sure I've missed at least two weeks, so here two prompts:

      1. Children returning to school might be asked to write an essay about what they did all summer. Here's your chance to feel like a school girl/boy again! Write a poem about.... what you did this summer.

      2. Write about impending Autumn.

      Give it a go! I hope to see some new poems here soon. We haven't had much traffic here lately.