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  • RUTH
    Aug 4 10:41 AM
      What A Friend We Have In Jesus

      What a friend believers have in Jesus, yes what a friend forevermore,
      What a friend you'd have in Jesus, indeed my friend He's at the door.
      He's a friend so kind and loving; is the one thing I must underscore,
      For He's a friend unlike any other, for His love will forever endure.

      What other friend would suffer and die a wicked death upon a tree,
      His death was more than just an effort to be a friend for eternity.
      Through His death He cleansed my soul and forever He set me free,
      Free to have His friendship now and be with Him through all eternity.

      He's a friend, who's always at my side with a faithful helping hand,
      And His loving friendship never wavers in this troubled weary land.
      He is The Eternal Rock of Ages, when I find myself in shifting sand,
      And when I lose my footing, He firmly holds me and helps me stand.

      Not even knowing why or when, He sought me out to be my friend,
      He's unlike any other friend; He promised to be with me to the end.
      Not only my sin would He cleanse, as my hurt He will heal and mend.
      And so I wouldn't stray again, I have The Spirit He promised to send.

      In a trial I'm not denied, He says let's reason together, you and I,
      So with a heavy heart I can not hide, I enter His Throne up on High.
      God's Grace, is the reason why, through His blood I am not denied,
      And because of His love I can't deny, that I am His and He is mine.

      (Copyright ©06/2003 Bob Gotti)
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